LG WM9500HKA review

The LG WM9500HKA is a large capacity washer that features a clever design and a great warranty.

LG WM9500HKA review
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The LG WM9500HKA is pricey but it’s worth it as you’re getting a large washer that’s smart-enabled, and looks great too.


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    Large capacity

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    Highly efficient


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    Can’t be stacked

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The LG WM9500HKA is a big washing machine, offering a capacity of 5.8 cubic feet. That makes it a great choice for family homes but if you need something a little smaller, check out the other options in our best front load washers guide. 

This washer is smart-enabled and can be controlled via your phone as well as via smart speakers. It’s finished in black stainless steel and has a distinctive large door design. As one of the largest and most expensive models we’ve reviewed, find out below whether we think this washer is worth the money.  

LG WM9500HKA: Size and installation 

  • Depth: 34.6 inches 
  • Width: 29.63 inches 
  • Height: 41.9 inches  

The LG WM9500HKA is a large washing machine that most retailers will offer an installation service for. However, it is possible to install this washer yourself. If you want to replace your existing washer with this LG model in the same place, ensure you still measure the space as your new washing machine might be a different size. 

Measure the height, width, and depth of the space you’re going to install the machine, remembering to account for any shelving or obstructions. If you’re going to buy a matching pedestal, be sure to allow enough space for that in your calculations too. 

The LG WM9500HKA will require both hot and cold water valves and they must be within six feet of the hookup. Full instructions will be provided, however, you’ll need to remove the shipping bolts and connect the water lines, be careful not to overtighten the hoses. 

LG WM9500HKA: Features  

Although it’s packed full of fancy functions, the LG WM9500HKA’s standout feature is its size. This machine has an impressive 5.8 cubic feet capacity, which makes it big enough to wash a full bedding set along with a king size comforter all in one load. Because of that, this washer isn’t cheap and is often available for nearly $2,000. If you don't need an appliance quite so roomy, check out the Electrolux EFLW317TIW.

If 5.8 cubic feet of washing space still isn’t quite enough, the LG WM9500HKA is compatible with the LG SideKick - a mini pedestal washer so that you can effectively do two loads of washing at one time. 

The LG WM9500HKA is a smart washer which means you can program it to run from your phone using an app. The app also has the functionality to diagnose any potential issues with the washing machine, if they occur, and you’ll also be able to use smart features to control this washer via voice commands.

There’s an impressive selection of cycles included with this machine, including specialist settings for steam cleaning and for allergens. You’ll also be able to download new cycles via your phone, so it evolves as washing technology does.

What’s really impressive about the LG WM9500HKA, however, is its 6Motion technology. This functionality uses different modes of washing depending on what’s inside the drum. What this actually means is that the drum works differently for each type of clothing. For delicate clothing, for example, the drum will swing gently from side to side, but for heavily stained clothing, the machine will offer a scrubbing motion to get your clothes as clean as possible. To prevent this washer from being a nuisance, there’s also anti-vibration technology so that the cycles aren’t too loud. 

LG WM9500HKA: Design & performance 

The LG WM9500HKA is coated in fingerprint-resistant black stainless steel. Its door dominates most of the front of the washer and unusually, its controls are actually built into the door rather than the front of the machine. 

In terms of design and layout, this washer is actually quite different from many others on the market. Firstly, the detergent drawer isn’t on the front panel of the washing machine, but instead, is positioned on the top of the washer. This means it’s very easy to add detergent, however, it also means you’re not able to stack this washing machine with a dryer - a design flaw we’re not so keen on. One of the main benefits of a front load machine is that you can stack it with something like a dryer, however, this detergent drawer design puts this washing machine in the same boat as a top load washer, in terms of how you can store it. 

The front of the LG WM9500HKA sticks out slightly but it’s all for good reason. The drum in this machine is actually elevated an extra 10 degrees and this helps with the motion of washing, but also makes it much easier to reach inside and grab that last sock - as well as loading up for the next wash. 

The LG WM9500HKA is a fantastic option in terms of energy efficiency. Not only does its cold wash setting work effectively, but this washer is also Energy Star certified. According to the manufacturer’s Energy Guide, this machine will cost around $14 a year to power. This figure will vary slightly depending on your energy rates, however, that’s a seriously impressive figure - one of the best we’ve seen. 

As well as that, the LG WM9500HKA’s motor is protected by a ten-year warranty. 

LG WM9500HKA review

(Image credit: Home Depot)

LG WM9500HKA: User reviews  

The LG WM9500HKA scored an average of 4.3 out of five stars on Home Depot. Users praise the cycle settings on this machine suggesting they are “nothing short of amazing”. Users also comment on how quietly this washing machine operates. The anti-vibration technology goes down well too - with one user adding that vibration is almost ‘non-existent’. Many users make note of how large the capacity of this washing machine is - one even added that she could a family’s worth of towels in just one load. 

Some users do warn how large this machine is and there are also a few criticisms for the detergent drawer which ‘opens too easily’ when you don’t want it to. Others also found the control panel very sensitive and that the text isn’t very clear, making it difficult to read.

Should you buy the LG WM9500HKA? 

The LG WM9500HKA is a great choice if you want a family-sized washing machine. It’s highly efficient, has an excellent selection of cycles, and it works quietly too. The smart features make this a handy choice for those that want to program the machine via their phone, but a few design features let this washing machine down slightly. The detergent drawer prevents it from being stackable, and you’ll pay a fair amount for this washer too.  

If you need something a little more affordable, check out the Samsung WF42H5000AW.

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