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SunBox Sunlight Jr review

The SunBox Sunlight Jr is a simple, fluorescent light therapy box with a triangular casing, which allows you to adjust the angle for wider coverage. It's one of the best-performing light therapy lamps you can get – but it is expensive.

Sunbox Sunlight Jr
(Image: © Sunbox)

Our Verdict

The SunBox Sunlight Jr has a bright output but is also one of the most expensive light therapy boxes out there. That said, if light therapy is effective for you, it's worth the price.


  • • Delivers great brightness


  • • It's very expensive

SunBox Sunlight Jr: Overview

The SunBox Sunlight Jr is one of the best therapy lamps you can get right now – and its price tag reflects that. A smaller, desktop version of the standard SunBox, it's an energy-efficient lamp that uses just 55 watts to operate its full-spectrum 5,000-Kelvin, 10,000-lux bulbs.

Ideal for the home, the office or for travelling, this highly portable product isn't especially fancy to look at, and neither does it have loads of features. But if you're after a lamp that provides excellent brightness and a comfortable light therapy session, look no further.     

SunBox Sunlight Jr: Features

If you're looking for a light therapy lamp with a fancy display and a rake of different settings, then you've come to the wrong place. The SunBox Sunlight Jr is about as basic as they come, with the manufacturer seemingly preferring to focus its efforts on the lamp's terrific performance (read more about that below).  

What makes this performance all the more remarkable is the fact that the lamp is so compact, measuring just 14.5 inches in height and weighing a measly 3.5lb. Whether you want to cart it around your home or take it on holiday with you, you'll be able to transport it with ease. 

SunBox Sunlight Jr: Performance

The SunBox Sunlight Jr delivers fantastic brightness. The manufacturer suggests that the lamp has a 10,000-lux reach of 14 inches. While we found it to be more like 12 inches, that's still very impressive. At the recommended distance of 16 inches, the light measured about 4,000 lux. In addition, it offers high luminous intensity at that distance – 1,440 CD. All of this amounts to a therapy session where you can sit comfortably under the light without losing much of the brightness if you move your head.

The manufacturer lists the light’s color temperature at 5,000 Kelvin, which is right at the upper limit of what the Center for Environmental Therapeutics (CET) recommends for light therapy. The reason for this recommendation is that higher color temperatures produce wavelengths with a cool, somewhat blueish color. These wavelengths cause aversive glare, which can make therapy sessions uncomfortable. In addition, the bluer a light's color temperature, the more it can damage your retinas if you take photosensitizing medications.

The SunBox Sunlight Jr is certainly not the hottest lamp we've tested – a surprise considering its overall brightness. After 30 minutes, the lamp’s surface measured 132 degrees Fahrenheit. When we aimed it at a wall from a distance of 16 inches, it raised the wall’s temperature by 1.5 degrees. It's certainly enough to make you feel warmer but not enough to make therapy sessions uncomfortable. At most, it can provide some additional warmth on a cold winter morning.

Should you buy the SunBox Sunlight Jr?

The SunBox Sunlight Jr doesn't have an especially stylish design, multiple brightness settings or timers. However, it's one of the brightest lamps we've tested – up there with the Day-Light Sky. The only significant difference between these two is the price.