Mask fogging up your glasses? Try Warby-Parker’s new $15 anti-fog spray kit

Mask fogging up your glasses? Try Warby-Parker’s new $15 anti-fog spray for glasses kit
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We wear face coverings to help slow the spread of the coronavirus, but for the bespectacled among us, wearing a face mask and glasses simultaneously causes a very irritating issue: foggy lenses. But Warby-Parker, one of the best eyeglasses online retailers, has come to our rescue with its new anti-fog spray for glasses. Finally!

The Warby-Parker Clean My Lenses Kit with Anti-Fog Spray costs just $15 and is available from the brand’s website and select stores. The spray comes in a handy pocket-sized bottle, with the kit also comprising a microfiber cloth and a microfiber lens pouch, which also doubles as a second cleaning cloth in case you need a back-up. 

Foggy lenses are enough to stop you in your tracks when out running errands - seriously, it’s tricky to see through all that annoying condensation building up as you breathe with your mask on. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing a homemade face mask, a medical one or a reusable fabric face mask - they all cause your lenses to fog up to a degree.

If you can switch between wearing glasses and contact lenses, you can often avoid the dreaded foggy lenses conundrum, but for people who have no choice but to wear eyeglasses all-day, Warby-Parker’s anti-fog spray is brilliant. Especially now that a recent COVID-19 study showed how eyeglasses might reduce infection risk

An image showing a bottle of the new Warby-Parker anti-fog spray for glasses

(Image credit: Warby-Parker)

Warby-Parker anti-fog spray for glasses: How does it work?

When warm air hits a cool surface, condensation forms, right? Well, it’s the same deal when you’re wearing a face mask and glasses - the warm air from your breath pools inside the mask until it finally escapes through the top of your face covering. Once there, it hits the lenses, causing them to fog up. 

To stop this from happening, Warby-Parker’s anti-fog spray uses a solution that absorbs the droplets that build-up on the lenses to stop them from ‘becoming visible as fog’. The spray is safe for use on all lenses, including treated lenses, so spray away without fear. 

To use it, simply spritz the anti-fog spray onto your lenses, then wipe them clean with the included microfiber cloth. It really is as simple as that. Considering the kit costs just $15 for the spray and two cleaning cloths, one of which doubles as a carry pouch, there’s no reason not to try it. 

Another top tip: You can also reduce pesky lens fog by ensuring your face mask fits securely over your nose, or by buying a mask with a nose bridge that can be molded to fit your face. Here are some of the best places with face masks in stock now, ready for home delivery… 

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