Maytag MVW6230HC washer review

The Maytag MVW6230HC combines smart features with powerful washing cycles to tackle even the toughest stains, giving you sparkling clean results every time.

Image shows the Maytag MVW6230HC washer in grey against a white background.
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The Maytag MVW6230HC is an impressive washer capable of handling even the toughest stains. Simply push the ‘Extra Power’ button when you need more muscle and benefit from results when your washing is complete.


  • +

    Heavy Duty cycle for serious stains

  • +

    Smart features

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    Deep Fill option


  • -

    Some user complaints of confusing operating

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If you’re looking for a powerful top load washing machine with a host of washing cycles then the Maytag MVW6230HC could be the washer for you. Available in metallic slate or white, with a clear soft close lid, this machine is sleek, powerful, and ideal for a busy family with plenty of laundry.

This Maytag machine has a decent 4.7 cubic feet capacity that could deal with bulky items and towels, along with all your standard washing. There are 11 wash cycles to choose from which include delicates, whites, or a quick wash function for lightly soiled items. These program choices aim to make this washer one of the best in its class, but the features don’t end there. ‘Heavy Duty’ offers one of the most intense cleans, while a dual-temperature hot-cold wash, accessed through the ‘Extra Power’ button is the ultimate stain-fighting boost for your wash cycle.

Capacity and wash cycles are often key in buying decisions when it comes to washers, but technology and engineering have not only bought about machines that keep noise to a minimum (thanks to shock absorbers and springs) but are also Wi-Fi enabled. This is a feature that is becoming sought after in the best top load washers, but what does it mean for customers? This is a feature that connects your washer to your smartphone, giving you the ability to start-stop a cycle remotely. With notifications when your laundry is done, it gives added convenience for busy households. 

Maytag MVW6230HC: Size and installation

  • Height: 41.44 inches 
  • Width: 27.25 inches 
  • Depth: 27.88 inches 

The Maytag MVW6230HC is a good-sized washer, with a capacity that could fit in a king-sized comforter, and a good deal of washing otherwise. The capacity for load top washes ranges from about 3.8 cubic feet to up to 5.3 cubic feet, so this model is in a good position within that spectrum. 

It’s possible for you to install this machine yourself, with the manual stating the various tools needed before you begin the job. You’ll also need to think carefully about location and the closeness of a grounded electrical outlet and hot and cold water faucets. If you’d prefer to let a professional take care of the installation, then all major retailers offer their own service, so all you’ll need to do is check the delivery path of your new machine is suitable. 

Maytag MVW6230HC washer review

(Image credit: Home Depot)

Maytag MVW6230HC: Features

In terms of features, the Maytag MVW6230HC has 11 different wash cycles to choose from, with its defining one being the ‘Heavy Duty’ option. This program aims to make this machine the most powerful cleaning machine in its class and wash clothes more intensively. This combines with the ‘Extra Power’ button, which can be used to boost stain-fighting on any cycle using a dual-temperature wash, which should target all stains with its hot and cold water. 

As if that wasn’t enough, then the Deep Fill option goes the extra mile to give you more water to soak your clothes in. Having extra water within the basket is designed to work with the movement of the cycle in order to break down and rinse away tough stains. These features together mean that the Maytag MVW6230HC is certainly a serious contender if you’re looking for a rigorous, high-quality wash. And there’s the added bonus of the ‘Quick Cycle’ which can take care of small, lightly soiled loads in under 30 minutes if you’re in a rush.

Beyond the washing itself, this model also has plenty going on to ensure that using it is a breeze. A sought-after feature within any washing machine is cycle memory, and this machine excels by remembering the way you last ran your clothes and applying them to your next cycle too if you choose. This can shave off the time you have to spend operating your machine and means no faffing if you know you’ve got your settings exactly right. 

This machine is also smart-enabled. That means once you’ve downloaded the app and connected your machine to Wi-FI that you can have control of your machine from anywhere. That includes starting and stopping a cycle and getting notifications when your washing is done so that you can avoid the age-old problem of forgetting about your laundry in the machine. 

Maytag MVW6230HC: Design and performance

The design of the Maytag MVW6230HC allows you to get a clear view of your laundry from above thanks to its slow-close glass lid, which is also very quiet. This makes the whole look of the machine sleeker too, combined with the subtle control panel. Available in Metallic Slate and White, this machine would make a stylish addition to your laundry room.

What’s more, this machine has also been engineered for quietness, with powerful shock absorbers and springs to keep any disruptive noises to a minimum. The machine itself works thanks to a power agitator which can tackle any load size with a robust wash action. And you can feel assured, thanks to Maytag’s excellent ten-year limited parts warranty on the motor and basket, that you have a quality machine that you can get help with if you run into any issues.

Image shows a closeup of the program dial on the Maytag MVW6230HC washer.

(Image credit: Home Depot )

Maytag MVW6230HC: User reviews

The Maytag MVW6230HC has a 4.6-star rating out of five on Home Depot, gathered from 1,582 user reviews. 91% of those who own the machine said they would recommend it. Many users commented on how the machine uses a very efficient amount of water and were impressed by the extensive washing options, including the Extra Power button.

One impressed reviewer said: “I was surprised that when I put 2 king size blankets in it was only half full”, adding that it “gets clothes very clean every time”. Another user commented “Do you know how convenient it is to receive an alert when your laundry is complete? I'm on the phone a lot for work and sometimes do not notice when my laundry is done so it sits for hours. This forces me to take action!”, showing the usefulness of this machine’s smart features.

One reviewer who was less taken by this machine mentioned that they were “Still puzzling out how to best use it since a few of my high loads are leaving powder detergent streaks on the clothes”. That indicates that this machine may have a slight learning curve when it comes to accurate programming for each wash. 

Should you buy the Maytag MVW6230HC?

The decent capacity that comes with this top load washer makes it a solid choice for families, or perhaps even small businesses that need to run multiple wash loads regularly. Its multiple wash cycles cover all bases whether you want to give your load an extra spin, treat your delicates with care, or turbo boost stain removal. Its capacity lies somewhat in the middle for top load washers of this class, so it could also fit in a king-size duvet, along with your standard-size laundry items.

If you need a reminder that your laundry is done, or want to start the cycle remotely so it’s done when you get in from work, the smart feature will also be of benefit.

All in all, this is an effective top load washer, with all the wash cycles you will need, and with the dual temperature extra power and deep fill option, it really looks after your wash loads and stain removal needs.  

If this product isn't for you

If the dimensions are not quite right, or the Maytag washer above doesn’t quite suit your needs then maybe one of these options below will tick the boxes.

The Samsung WA5OR5400AW is our top choice for efficient washing in less time. Its features include a super speed option running through a cycle in only 36 minutes, plus a swirl tub interior that extracts more water from the load, reducing overall drying time.

If you have the space for a larger capacity machine, and a household laundry load that needs it, then the Maytag MVW723HW washing machine could deliver. It’s at the higher end of the market price-wise but does include 13 wash cycles and a large capacity of 5.3 cubic feet. With the addition of smart features, and energy star certification, and a deep clean function, it covers all bases, in one easy-to-use product.

Lastly, we have the budget-friendly, efficient Whirlpool WTW5000DW washer. This top load washer has auto-adjust for water levels so you’re never wasting resources and a quick wash setting that can finish in under 30 minutes. With an add garment function for any loose items you’ve forgotten, this is a really useful budget-friendly machine.

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