BBVA Compass Online Bill Pay is an extended service for BBVA Compass online banking customers and is free for most BBVA account users. With BBVA Compass, you can pay your bills online from the comfort of your home. You can transfer funds between BBVA accounts, view all your account balances and transactions (including CDs and IRAs), and see which checks have cleared your account.

This online bill payment service provides you with the opportunity to view all of your statements online without having to deal with the mess of paperwork. You can get the option to receive your bills online with BBVA Compass's e-bills option, which enables you to pay your bill immediately once you receive the bill.

BBVA Compass online banking is safer and more secure than paying your bills through the mail, where your payment has the risk of being intercepted. With BBVA Compass online, you know your information is not shared with outside sources that can use it without your knowledge or permission.

To set up your online bill pay account, you need to be signed up for BBVA online banking, which is easy to start if you aren't. Once you're started with its online banking, all you need to do is select the online bill pay and you are ready to set it up. Once you've added in your billers' information, under the payment center, you can view a list of all your bills, including the biller information, whether or not you are currently receiving e-bills from that company, and whether you have automatic payments set up for that biller.

When setting up payments, you can pay multiple bills at a time. You have the option to set up either manual payments, which come out only when you set it up yourself, or to set up automatic payments that occur once a year, month or week for a predetermined amount. Automatic pay enables you to forget about payments, feeling secure that they will come out without you having to do a thing. In case you are unsure about the payment date, there is a calendar that shows you which days are available. Some bills are available for next-day payment. Once you set up a payment, you have an opportunity to review the transaction so that you can make sure all the information is correct before you submit. In case you need assistance setting up either your online bill pay account or your BBVA account, there is a number on the right of the screen you can call.

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