EV MiniRider 4 Wheel review

The EV MiniRider 4 Wheel high-performance four-wheel scooter is easy to maneuver and assemble, and weighs just 115lbs for easier transportation.

EV MiniRider 4 Wheel review
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The EV Rider MiniRider performs well and is easy to maneuver. With its tight turning radius, it performs well indoors, and its long operating range makes it good for outdoor excursions.


  • +

    Able to make tight turns

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    Lighter than most

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    Easier to transport


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    Short warranty

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The EV MiniRider 4 Wheel high-performance four-wheel scooter is easy to maneuver and assemble. The four wheels make this model stable; however, it still has a tight turning radius. Additionally, it only weighs 115lbs, making it lighter than many of the best mobility scooters, so it's easier to transport.

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EV MiniRider 4 Wheel review: Design

The EV MiniRider 4 Wheel's low ground clearance makes it stable when you climb on and off. However, this design limits the types of terrain you can drive over. In our experience, the MiniRider 4 Wheel performs best on flat surfaces and can incur damage if used on uneven terrain.

The scooter itself weighs 115lbs once fully assembled, but each of the components is a much more manageable weight, with the heaviest only weighing 37lbs. 

Most riders should be able to assemble and transport this portable scooter with relative ease, making it a great pick for those of you who want a scooter you can easily transport. The Power Victory 9 Scooter is a little heavier, but has extra features 

EV MiniRider 4 Wheel review: the mobility scooter in blue

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The EV MiniRider 4 Wheel's deep seat cushion provides proper support. The scooter has a standard handle that requires some upper-body strength to steer. It does not have adjustable armrests, which come in handy when adjusting the scooter to your height and weight.

Compared to high-end mobility scooters, the EV Rider 4 Wheel offers a standard warranty. The frame is covered for three years, and the drive train and electronic components are covered for one year. The battery has a short warranty, only backed by EV Rider for two months after purchase, which is disappointing. 

EV MiniRider 4 Wheel review: Features

The EV MiniRider 4 Wheel has one of the longest operating ranges of the mobility scooters we considered, making it a good choice for all-day events and long excursions. Using this scooter, you can safely travel 15 miles before needing to recharge the battery. 

That range is better than many high-end power scooters, and it takes anywhere between six and ten hours to fully recharge the battery, which is standard.

Since the scooter has a weight capacity of 275lbs, most people can use this electric wheelchair scooter to carry additional items with them as they ride. The scooter has a maximum speed of 5mph, making it one of the faster models in our review. With its long operating range, high weight capacity and fast maximum speed, this scooter performs well on long rides outdoors.

EV MiniRider 4 Wheel review: the mobility scooter in red

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Even though this medical scooter has four wheels, it has a turning radius comparable to a three-wheel model. Its 35-inch turning radius allows you to make tight corners and maneuver around your house or a store with ease.

The manufacturer lists the maximum recommended incline at 10 degrees, so you can climb steep hills and ramps safely. It also has solid tires, so you do not have to worry about flats.

Should you buy the EV MiniRider 4 Wheel?

The EV MiniRider 4 Wheel delivers great maneuverability and a long range per full battery charge. With its deep seat cushion and fast maximum speed, you can use this mobility scooter on longer rides or at day-long events outside. It also has a tight turning radius that allows you to maneuver around obstacles more easily.

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