Poolvergnuegen PoolCleaner Review

A pressure pool cleaner can clean your pool in the fraction of the time of a suction cleaner.

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With its internal turbine, steering system and bag-free design, the Poolvergnuegen PoolCleaner is a powerful option for thoroughly cleaning your pool.


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    The Poolvergnuegen PoolCleaner has a patented steering system with programmable angles to ensure your entire pool gets cleaned.


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    In its default configuration, this cleaner is only appropriate for cleaning concrete pools. Nonetheless, you buy special tires for fiberglass or vinyl surfaces.

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A pressure pool cleaner can clean your pool in the fraction of the time of a suction cleaner. The Poolvergnuegen PoolCleaner’s four-wheel drive gives the device the power to clear obstacles that may block other pool vacuums, making it a great option for pools that exposed to a variety of small and large debris alike.

The tires have a deep tread, which should give it extra traction in concrete pools. Self-regulating turbines have adjustable paddles to maximize water flow. This internal turbine maximizes the external pressure from your pump and can run optimally at 11 to 15 psi, and a rear pressure relief valve allows for even flow and helps regulate pressure coming from the pump. Because it uses its own internal motor, there is no need for a booster pump. The pressure pool cleaner’s large filter bag can reduce wear and tear on your pool’s internal filtration system and on the pump itself.

A patented steering system helps navigate the cleaner through all the curves, walls and stairs of the pool. The rear wheels periodically make slight left turns, allowing the cleaner to travel 12 to 14 feet before it makes a full turn. It has programmed angles from 90 to 540 degrees. The tire treads have external marks to notify you when they need to be replaced, and the extra-large treads on the front tire help give it optimal traction to roll over larger obstacles and objects and give it extra power to handle any surface or obstacle in your pool.

The hoses are designed to snap into place quickly and conveniently. These 6-foot interlocking sections should help prevent kinking and tangling during the cleaning cycle. The interlocking design should also help to prevent leaking, maximizing pressure from the pump.

This pressure pool cleaner is only suitable for concrete pools using the included tires, but tape tires can be purchased separately for smoother surfaces like vinyl or fiberglass. A distinct advantage is that the cleaner does not require an external booster pump. If you prefer a pressure cleaner that is suitable for all surfaces including concrete, vinyl and fiberglass is the Polaris Vac-Sweep 180.

The Poolvergnuegen PoolCleaner should be able to keep large pools free from debris. An external booster pump is not required for this vacuum to run, and an additional set of wheels can be purchased for pools that are not made of concrete.

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