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Safe Step keeps safety in mind by including non-slip floors and seats, safety bars and non-burn features in each walk-in tub. Each model is made with high-quality materials and comes with both a low price guarantee and a lifetime warranty.


  • +

    Rebates and military discounts available

  • +

    Lifetime warranty included

  • +

    Superb customer service


  • -

    Limited product options

  • -

    Wheelchair-accessible tubs not offered

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You may be familiar with the Safe Step walk-in tub from seeing one of its commercials on TV, or hearing an ad on the radio. Safe Step has been around for a long time and is well known for its high-quality products, excellent customer service, and lifetime warranty. 

Though the main office is located in Tennessee, Safe Step contracts with licensed walk-in tub dealers and installers across the United States to bring a quality tub right to you. 

The whole process of purchasing a Safe Step walk-in tub happens in your home, including measuring your bathroom space, choosing upgrades and deciding the best payment option. There isn’t a wheelchair accessible tub available however, which is Safe Step’s biggest drawback.

Safe Step Walk-in Tubs: What you need to know

  • Zero entry step up for less risk of tripping
  • Hybrid walk-in tub and shower option for a more traditional look
  • Water and air jets available for hydrotherapy benefits

Safe Step only has three models – the walk-in tub, the walk-in shower, and the hybrid tub. Each one includes important safety features such as textured floors and seating to help reduce the risk of slips, and one of the lowest step-ups in the industry, to minimize trips while stepping in and out of the tub. 

They also have temperature controls that will automatically turn off the water, heaters, and jets when the water reaches a certain temperature to prevent burns.

The Safe Step Walk-in Tub has both water and air jets available to create a relaxing atmosphere and to relieve pain from arthritis and stiff joints. You can decide how many jets you want and where to place them in your walk-in tub for optimal health benefits. Water jets are the best for aromatherapy products like soaps and oils because they don’t clog up the pumps. 

This walk-in tub comes with a hand-held, retractable shower head. Controls are easy to reach with options to have them placed by your shoulders so you can reach them without stretching or straining; this includes the drain controls. 

If you’d rather stick with showering, the Safe Step Walk-in Shower is another option to consider. It features zero entry, which means you don’t have to step up in order to get into it, seating to help you feel more comfortable as you bathe, controls designed specifically for you to easily turn on and off the water, non slip floors, and options to add safety bars and handheld shower heads.

The hybrid walk-in tub and shower is a good option if you share your bathroom with someone who doesn’t need or want to use a walk-in tub. The Safe Step Hybrid lets some users enjoy a traditional shower while allowing others to benefit from a walk-in tub. You can still customize the tub with jets and easy to reach controls, and a handheld, retractable shower head.

Safe Step

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How much will your Safe Step tub cost?

  • You need to speak with a representative to get a clear pricing
  • Safe Step offers rebates and military discounts
  • Every tub also includes a lifetime warranty

Finding out pricing and even product details is really difficult without speaking to a representative. Even with contact via online chat or telephone, most representatives won’t discuss pricing and options with you. Instead, you’re encouraged to schedule a free in-home consultation where a representative will measure your bathroom, discuss options and financing, and arrange the installation of your new walk-in tub, which includes removal of your old tub.

We were able to talk with a representative to get an idea of the Safe Step process, what is offered and a general price range. You can get a Safe Step walk-in tub for around $7500, but it won’t include jets for hydrotherapy, extra drains, heated seating and other accessories. Adding these extras will bump the price to $5000 or more depending on how decked out you’d like your tub to be. 

Safe Step offers rebates and military discounts to help offset the price and make owning a walk-in-tub more affordable – there is also a 30-day price match guarantee. 

If you find a comparable model for less than what you paid for your Safe Step tub you will be refunded the difference plus paid an additional $100. Every tub also includes a lifetime warranty. These are some of the main reasons we feel Safe Step is the best budget option for a good quality tub.

Additional things to consider before buying

  • Limited product range
  • Most are restricted to the most commonly purchased sizes

The biggest downfall of Safe Step is its limited product options. The Safe Step Walk-in Tub does come in more than one size, but it is restricted to the most commonly purchased sizes that fit in most standard bathrooms. 

For custom sizes and more individualized options, check out the lineup from Ella's Bubbles. This manufacturer offers 18 different models, including companion tubs and wheelchair-accessible models, something Safe Step doesn’t offer. Each one can be customized with the features and accessories you want.

What users say about Safe Step Walk-in Tubs

  • Very good reputation among its clients
  • Great customer support
  • Good installation

Safe Step has a very good reputation among its clients. It includes several positive reviews on its website, but a quick Google search shows dozens more given through user feedback platforms including the Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot

Most customers recommend Safe Step because of the great customer support you receive from the first time you contact them and through the installation process. Safe Step installers usually take two days to remove your old tub and install your walk-in model, while ensuring everything is cleaned up so nobody can tell a quick remodel happened in your bathroom.

Safe Step Walk-in Tubs: Verdict

Overall, Safe Step is a good, budget-friendly option if you’re in need of a walk-in tub. Customer service reps walk you through each step and include the entire installation in your quoted price. Safe Step has a low price guarantee and includes a lifetime warranty on each tub model. There are also rebates and other incentives offered to help bring down the final cost of your tub.

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