Samsung NE59M4310SS Freestanding Electric Range review

The Samsung NE59M4310SS Freestanding Electric Range is a great value cooker with five burners and a built-in storage drawer.

Samsung NE59M4310SS Freestanding Electric Range review
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Top Ten Reviews Verdict

The Samsung NE59M4310SS Electric Range has all the features of the most expensive models but without the huge price tag.


  • +

    Two dual heating elements

  • +

    Wide door window

  • +

    Storage drawer

  • +

    Delay Bake feature


  • -

    Auto shuts off when timer finishes

  • -

    Scratches easily

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The Samsung NE59M4310SS Electric Range comes in three different colors and has a capacity of 5.9 cubic feet, making it one of the biggest we’ve reviewed. As with many modern electric ranges, the Samsung NE59M4310SS has a self-cleaning function to help you stay on top of inevitable cooking grease.

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We weren’t able to install every cooker in our guides in order to test them. Instead, we’ve based our reviews on plenty of research around the leading models on the market. We’ve also read hundreds of user reviews and researched everything you need to know before buying a new electric range cooker. 

Read on to see if the Samsung NE59M4310SS Electric Range is the one for you. 

Samsung NE59M4310SS Freestanding Electric Range: What you need to know 

The Samsung NE59M4310SS Electric Range is a modern and smart-looking cooker that has five burner elements on top and a storage drawer too.

The cooker controls are a combination of touch buttons and metal knobs, which are placed at the back of the cooker. Whilst this means, you’re unlikely to knock into the dial knobs as you walk past, it does mean you have to lean over your hot burners to adjust the dials. 

This electric range comes with a one-year warranty which is pretty standard for this type of appliance. 

Samsung NE59M4310SS Freestanding Electric Range: Design & features  

  • Freestanding 
  • 30 inches
  • 5.9 cubic feet capacity 
  • Self-cleaning 
  • 1-year warranty 

It’s clear that the Samsung NE59M4310SS Electric Range is well designed. Simple things like the wide glass door on the oven make checking on your baking that bit easier without letting any heat out of the oven. 

A handy storage drawer provides room for baking sheets and pans underneath the cooker, saving space in kitchen cupboards. 

The self-cleaning function has three options of either a two, three or five-hour clean meaning you won’t need to spend hours scrubbing to get your cooker clean. 

The stainless steel finish is prone to showing fingerprints and marks though so this is something to consider before buying. 

Other clever features are the Delay Start setting and Warming Center which will keep your food at a great temperature until you’re ready to serve it up. 

On the cooktop you’ll find five element burners. Two of these burners are dual heating elements meaning they can be expanded to accommodate bigger pans or smaller ones. It’s quite normal for modern electric ranges to have a dual burner these days, but having two makes this model extra useful. 

The heat up time on the elements is also great for this model, with users only having to wait a few seconds before the burner is hot. 

Samsung NE59M4310SS Freestanding Electric Range review

(Image credit: Home Depot)

Samsung NE59M4310SS Freestanding Electric Range: User reviews  

User reviews for the Samsung NE59M4310SS Electric Range are very positive. Many reviews mention how useful the dual burners are on this model and the speedy heat up time, along with how easy this cooker is to keep clean, are mentioned a lot. 

Some reviews, however, do say that the position of the control knobs at the back of the cooker, makes this impractical. A few reviews mention how easily the steel scratches and some also mentioned that it’s irritating when the timer ends and the oven automatically shuts off, as this doesn’t allow for occasions where your food needs a little longer to cook.  

Should you buy the Samsung NE59M4310SS Freestanding Electric Range?  

If you want a reliable electric range that has everything you need without an enormous price tag, then the Samsung NE59M4310SS Electric Range delivers as great value for money. It has a large capacity and well-thought-out features that are ideal for most home cooks.  

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