Samsung NZ30K7880UG induction cooktop review

The Samsung NZ30K7880UG is the ultimate high-end induction cooktop, which packs in a lot of lavish extras for the price.

Samsung NZ30K7880UG induction cooktop review
(Image: © Samsung)

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If you're looking for a modern induction cooktop with all the extras, the Samsung NZ30K7880UG should be your first choice.


  • +

    Magnetic control dial

  • +

    WiFi and app connectivity

  • +

    Simmer/melt function

  • +

    Virtual flame technology


  • -


  • -

    Controls can be too sensitive

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The Samsung NZ30K7880UG induction cooktop is a high-end options for those looking to invest in the best of the best induction cooktops. The flex zone allows for the ultimate flexibility in bridge elements, ideal for using pans which aren't round, or making the most of your space by cooking multiple items at once. 

There's been reports that the controls are too sensitive on this induction cooktop, meaning any condensation that spills on your cooktop surface might trigger it. Luckily, with smartphone compatibility, you can easily check on the Samsung NZ30K7880UG induction cooktop remotely.

Samsung NZ30K7880UG induction cooktop: What you need to know

There's some unique elements which set the Samsung NZ30K7880UG induction cooktop apart from its competitors. One such feature is the virtual flame technology which mimics a gas flame. This makes it visually straightforward to identify which surfaces are switched on. It also looks really modern and stylish, but it doesn't work on the induction FlexZone.

Touch controls are featured in the majority of induction cooktops, but Samsung has added a removable magnetic analog knob to the Samsung NZ30K7880UG induction cooktop, which allows you to twist the dial and control heat settings if you're missing traditional electric cooker controls. You can still use touch controls, but it's nice to have this extra touch.

The FlexCook Zone is a feature we've seen on the Bosch FlexInduction NITP068UC and the KitchenAid KICU509XSS, which allows you to use large or oddly shaped cookware to distribute heat evenly, with no 'dead zones'. You can do this by combining the power of the  two left elements to create one large element. There's also two circular cooking zones - one with a 12-inch diameter, which is the largest we've seen, and one with a 6-inch diameter. 

Samsung NZ30K7880UG induction cooktop review

The Samsung NZ30K7880UG has touch-controls, but also comes with a magnetic knob for flexible control. (Image credit: Samsung)

Some users have reported that the touch controls on the Samsung NZ30K7880UG are too sensitive, which is a common complaint when it comes to induction cooktops. In theory, induction cooktops should not let any water boil over when preparing your food, but when hot fat splatters or condensation runs along the surface, this can be detected as changing the controls of the Samsung NZ30K7880UG induction cooktop, and can activate the safety lock. 

WiFi Connectivity steps in to make it easier to check in on your cooktop remotely. Although we don't suggest leaving anything unattended while it's cooking, the Samsung NZ30K7880UG induction cooktop lets you remotely monitor the cooktop at any time using a smartphone app, and also lets you set a cooking timer if you do happen to leave anything unattended.

Like many induction cooktops, such as the Frigidaire FGIC3067MB, the Samsung NZ30K7880UG induction cooktop has a boost element which amps up cooking power and achieves boiling water and other tasks even quicker than with standard induction cooking. On the other end of scale, there's a simmer/melt setting which will bring temperatures low with precise control, without burning food. 

Samsung NZ30K7880UG induction cooktop: Safety features

The Samsung NZ30K7880UG induction cooktop has a safety lock function which completely locks down the control panel of the cooktop to avoid mishaps and accidental turning-on of controls. The Samsung NZ30K7880UG induction cooktop also features a safety shutoff function, which automatically turns off any cooking zones if things have been left cooking on them for a long time. It does this by detecting if you've not moved anything left on the cooktop for a long time, which might suggest it's been left unattended and forgotten.

Samsung NZ30K7880UG induction cooktop

The Samsung NZ30K7880UG is smartphone app compatible for remote monitoring.  (Image credit: Samsung)

Most induction cooktops feature a warning for residual heat in the form of a red H on the zone you've just used. The Samsung NZ30K7880UG induction cooktop does one better - it switches from a capital 'H' to a lower-case 'h', when the surface does from very hot to warm. 

Should you buy the Samsung NZ30K7880UG induction cooktop? 

The Samsung NZ30K7880UG induction cooktop is a great induction cooktop if you can afford it. You get more add-on features to justify its cost than many similarly-priced cookers, which is something to take into account when buying. There's Wi-Fi connectivity, app control, virtual flames, a removable magnetic analog knob and a host of great safety features. However, if you're after something lower-cost, this might not be your ideal pick. 

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