Samsung WA45T3400AV washer review

This Samsung WA45T3400AV washer with built-in water faucet and large capacity is great for busy families

Samsung WA45T3400AV washer review
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The Samsung WA45T3400AV is great for getting those nasty stains out before you put your wash on and aims to be quiet in use so that you don't disturb others when it's working.


  • +

    ActiveJet technology for pretreatment

  • +

    Vibration reduction technology

  • +

    Self-cleaning cycle


  • -

    No smart features

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The Samsung WA45T3400AV is a superb washer as it crams in lots of useful features which make it a very difficult machine to top. Since this is made by the reputable Korean manufacturer, you know that this is going to be reliable, with a long warranty, and plenty of customer support giving you peace of mind from the outset.

Take a closer look beyond those sleek lines and high-tech premium finishes and you'll see this top-load washer is ideal for families and more. There's a large capacity drum which also has features like a built-in faucet for pre-washing, deep fill mode for super cleaning, quiet running tech, plus a self-cleaning mode to make your life even easier.

All this places the Samsung WA45T3400AV in our best top load washers guide where it offers something for nearly everyone. Of course you may find that the best front load washers are also worth a look as these could suit your needs better – some find that easier to access then leaning over a deep drum, for example. Or perhaps you wants one of the best washer dryer combos to save even more space while still keeping all the washing and drying features you need.

Samsung WA45T3400AV: Design

  • Height: 43.9 inches 
  • Width: 27 inches  
  • Depth: 29.3 inches  

The Samsung WA45T3400AV has 4.5 cubic feet of capacity, which enables you to fit more laundry into each wash load. For reference, most top load machines have a capacity of between 3.8 to 5.5 cubic feet, so this one falls nicely in the middle. It would be suitable for a busy family household that has plenty of washing to get through, allowing you to get on with other things due to having to run fewer cycles. 

It’s unclear as to whether the Samsung WA45T3400AV needs to be installed by a professional due to lack of an installation manual, though there is information on services provided by Samsung on the brand's website. Installation is also available through major retailers. Whether you choose to opt for this or not, it’s best to check your machine’s measurements against the delivery path it’ll take on the day it arrives, and ensure there’s enough space for it to get through all of your doorways. 

Samsung WA45T3400AV washer review

(Image credit: Lowe's)

Samsung WA45T3400AV: Features 

  • Super quiet running
  • WiFi connected
  • Self cleaning

The Samsung WA45T3400AV’s standout feature is its built-in water faucet, which can be used to easily pretreat soiled and heavily stained clothes with just a press of a button. It makes this machine your one-stop shop for washing; you can scrub your clothes straight into the washer with no laundry room sink needed. 

This is most definitely the ideal machine for anyone who wants to pre-treat their clothes, with 10 preset washing cycles and six additional washing options available. The Samsung WA45T3400AV also has the option for an extra high water level whenever you need it, so that you can get your clothes thoroughly soaked if they’re badly stained.

As with most modern top-load washers, there’s also an emphasis on quiet running here. Samsung has built it with Vibration Reduction Technology in order to keep the parts of your machine from creating noise, so that you don’t have to worry about being disturbed when the washer is in use. Samsung has also made sure to include a self-clean cycle, which aims to eliminate dirt and bacteria in the tub. Your machine will let you know when you should select this cycle every 20 washes, so you don’t even need to trouble yourself with remembering when to do it.

This machine doesn’t have the smart features that you can find in other models such as the LG Smart Top Load Washer WT7300CW, like Wi-Fi connectivity and notifications when your cycle ends. However, it does have troubleshooting available from your phone, so that if you run into issues you can get an immediate diagnosis. 

Samsung WA45T3400AV: Performance 

The Samsung WA45T3400AV is a sleek-looking washer, which is available in Brushed Black, Platinum, and White. These colors mean it’s versatile enough to match any interior design or color scheme you might have. Getting into the design itself, this model has a soft-close lid designed for safe and quiet use, alongside a diamond drum design. This type of interior texture is meant to extend clothing life by treating them gently and has small water holes to prevent any snagging or damaging from occurring, allowing you to get deep-cleaning results from your cycles. 

As with all Samsung models, there’s an impressive warranty available with this machine too. That includes one year on parts and labor, three years on your stainless steel tub, and ten years on the motor. If you fancy it you can even pick up this model’s matching dryer, and create the perfect pair.

Samsung WA45T3400AV

(Image credit: Lowe's)

Samsung WA45T3400AV: Price and availability

Head over to the official Samsung website and the Samsung WA45T3400AV is priced, at time of publishing, at $899, down from the original price of $999.

You can also pick this up at Best Buy where it appears to be listed at the $899.99 price tag – although there are interest based deals to be had here to spread those payments.

Samsung WA45T3400AV: What the experts say

Samsung is clear that it wants everyone to know it builds washers to a high standard and does so with top warranty coverage all while keeping the environment in mind.

An official Samsung spokesperson said: "As such, Samsung provides a 20-year warranty for the Digital Inverter Motor in machines sold in Europe and made in the U.S., outlining its commitment to building products that are, above all, sustainable."

Samsung WA45T3400AV: User reviews 

The Samsung WA45T3400AV has a 4.5 out of 5 stars on Home Depot, gathered from 461 reviews. Many users commented on how aesthetically pleasing the model is, as well as the benefits of the soft close lid.

One impressed reviewer said they “fell in love with the active waterjet function as it lessens time need when pre-washing hard stained or hand washing delicate clothes” adding that the “control panel is very much self-explanatory”, which is ideal for ease of use. Another commented on how useful the machine’s large capacity was, saying “I am finally able to wash our large comforters and blankets which saves on dry cleaning bills”. 

One reviewer commented that they wished the machine wasn’t locked so that they could add extra items when they needed to, as it “takes minutes to unlock” having to go through the process. If you would prefer to save on this hassle, then check out the Whirlpool WTW5000DW, which has an ‘Add a Garment’ feature built-in. 

How does it compare?

An alternative you could go for is the Maytag MVW6500MBK if you have hairy pets as this unit is all about clearing out hair. This has a dedicated mode as well as a filter which collects the hair and is easy to remove and clean out. It also offers plenty of other modes, cleans deeply and comes with a decent warranty. 

Or perhaps a front-load option might be for you, then the Samsung WF42H5000AW is worth a look. This model features a 4.2 cubic feet capacity, 10 year motor warranty, self cleans, has a diagnostic phone app, and features nine different cycle modes. An ideal pick for anyone that wants a reliable washer that's going to last.

Another option is the LG WT7900HBA which is ideal for families thanks to its large 5.5 cubic feet capacity. It also spins up to a speedy 950 meaning you get clothes out dryer, making the whole process that much faster. This is also Energy Star certified so should save you on bills in the longer term.

Should you buy the Samsung WA45T3400AV? 

The Samsung WA45T3400AV will be perfect for anyone looking for a machine that has an emphasis on pretreatment, with a range of cycles in order to banish any pesky stains. It also has a great capacity, which many users comment is much larger than they imagined and capable of washing larger items you may previously have dry-cleaned. 

The built-in water faucet is a handy feature for maximizing space in your laundry room, as it takes away the necessity for a sink. It should also fit nicely into any household given its quiet running but does fall down with a lack of smart features. 

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