Samsung WF53BB8700AV washing machine review

We take a look at the Samsung WF53BB8700AV washing machine to see if you should buy one

Samsung WF53BB8700AV
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Top Ten Reviews Verdict

Samsung's WA55A7700AV demands top-dollar with its high asking price but justifies it with its unique stylish design and premium features including Smart functionality, large capacity drum, wide range of cycles and options as well as a 28 minute quick wash.


  • +

    Large 6.1 cu. ft capacity

  • +

    24 cycles

  • +

    Energy efficient

  • +

    Smart features and Wi-Fi

  • +

    Sleek design

  • +

    Steam function


  • -


  • -

    Takes a while to dry laundry

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Samsung's WA55A7700AV is a new premium front-load washing machine, with a mega capacity of 6.1 cu. ft - a feature usually seen in top-loading machines that are known for their deeper drums and being able to handle bigger loads. It also has a cool futuristic aesthetic, smart features, 24 cycles, a steam setting to reduce wrinkles and a 28 minute quick wash to clean your laundry in rapid time.

Samsung WF53BB8700AV: Key specs

Price: $1,349
Dimensions: 29.4x38.7x34.4”
Noise level: N/A
Capacity (cu. ft): 6.1
Cycles: 24
Energy Star certified: Yes
Warranty: 1 year parts and labor (20 years on motor)

South Korea's largest business as of 2022, Samsung, has become a household name with a long history in consumer electronics and appliances dating back to its inception in 1938. Samsung got into the washing machine sector in the mid-70s so its no surprise a company with its experience makes high quality machines that often appear in our best washing machines buying guide. 

In this review we take a closer look at the advantages and drawbacks of the Samsung WF53BB8700AV to see if it's one you should consider if you're in the market for a new washing machine.

Samsung WF53BB8700AV: Design

Samsung WF53BB8700AV

(Image credit: Samsung)

The Samsung WF53BB8700AV is a smart-looking washing machine with a premium look about it and comes in either Black Stainless or Silver Steel. 

It has dimensions of 29.4x38.7x34.4” and weighs 496lbs so be sure to check it will fit in the space you wish to use it in. The top is also totally flat which means appliances can be stacked if your needs require.

It would look perfect stacked with the matching DVE53BB8700VAC dryer which has a 7.6 cu. ft capacity and is available in the same Black Stainless or Silver Steel color options. Though at $1,249 your combined cost of a washer and dryer will leave a $2,500+ hole in your wallet - ouch!

If you do wish to stack the Samsung WF53BB8700AV with a Samsung DVE53BB8700VAC dryer you can use the clever MultiControl™ feature to control both machines with just one dial (see below) so you don't need to reach to the interface on the very top of your stack to dial in settings which is a nice touch.

Samsung WF53BB8700AV

(Image credit: Samsung)

On the front of the machine at the top you'll find the soap dispenser as well as the LCD display, alongside the AI Smart Dial. The latter personalises washing by suggesting cycles to suit your habits and periodic and seasonal needs and displays timely information. It also offers advice on cycles, planning and troubleshooting on the SmartThings App and selects the best drying course when paired with a matching Samsung dryer appliance.

The stainless steel drum boasts a large diameter and implements a Swirl+ pattern to extract water effectively and clean with more force. The drum also has an internal light so you can see inside clearly even in the dark so you'll never leave a sock behind ever again!

Samsung WF53BB8700AV: Features

Samsung's WF53BB8700AV boasts no less than 24 cycles: Normal, SuperSpeed, Heavy Duty, Small Load, Delicates, Steam Whites, Steam Sanitize, Steam Normal, Towels, Activewear, Bedding, Self Clean+, Rinse+Spin, Colors, Power Rinse, Power Steam, Perm Press, Steam Allergen, Eco Cold, Wool, Steam Bulky, Outdoor, Denim, and Spin Only. 

In addition, you'll have 14 options to customise each cycle too, so every eventuality should be covered. The options include: Pre Soak, Extra Rinse, My Cycle, Delay End, Smart Control, SuperSpeed, Drum Light, Child Lock, AI Pattern, Alarm, Calibration, WiFi, Language and Factory Reset.

Samsung WF53BB8700AV

(Image credit: Samsung)

Wi-Fi is featured and can be used with the SmartThings app on a smart phone to check laundry progress, start a cycle or check on the progress remotely.

As you'd expect from a model that costs around $1,350 the Samsung WF53BB8700AV comes packed with features. To get laundry done in a hurry when you need it fast the Super Speed 2.0 mode claims to cut your laundry time in half, while still delivering a thorough clean. Samsung claims it can complete a full load in just 28 minutes. 

It's also Energy Star certified to a Tier 3 (Advanced Tier) rating which means it meets their stringent requirements for efficiency and should make it a very economical model to use over the course of its lifetime.

Samsung WF53BB8700AV

(Image credit: Samsung)

There's a steam wash function to remove stains with Samsung saying "Use the power of steam to eliminate stains without pre-treatments. It releases steam from the bottom of the drum, so every item is thoroughly saturated as it rises. This loosens ingrained dirt and ensures even deeper cleaning."

To keep the Samsung WF53BB8700AV hygienically clean you can use the Self Clean+ mode to make sure the inside of your washer is clean and fresh, removing dirt and odor-causing bacteria in the drum by soaking, pulsating and spinning. A powerful water jet and a high spin speed is also said to remove dirt from the door gasket and you'll be reminded when the appliance needs cleaning.

While no decibel rating is given by Samsung, the WF53BB8700AV should be a quiet model as it employs VRT Plus™ technology, or vibration reduction technology. Samsung claims this reduces noise and vibrations, and that it has a new frame design providing greater stability to minimize any noisy movements.

Samsung WF53BB8700AV

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung WF53BB8700AV: Price and availability

The Samsung WF53BB8700AV is available in two colorways: Black Stainless and Silver Steel. Both have an identical RRP of $1,349.99 though it's a fairly new model so we were yet to see any meaningful retailer discounting kick in just yet, apart from the odd $5 dollar saving here and there.

At the time of review it was in stock and available to buy directly from the Samsung official website, though it's also well-stocked from big name high street retailers including Best Buy and Costco to name but a few.

A 1-year warranty on parts and labor is included as standard, though you'll also get a 20-year warranty on the Digital Inverter Motor (for models assembled in the USA only).

Samsung WF53BB8700AV: User reviews

Samsung WF53BB8700AV currently sits at an impressive 4.7 out of 5 stars on the Samsung official website from 260 reviews.

One customer left a glowing 5-star review saying: "This washer cleans better than our old Samsung top loader. My wife really likes it because I have it on the pedestal and she is only 4’11” and she doesn’t have to use a stool anymore. It is easy to use and the AI is real easy to use. Some reviews stated the panel was hard to read or see, NOT TRUE! We can see the panel and the settings no problem. The machine looks very nice as well."

While another left top marks, noting the following: "This washer gets my farmer husband's dirty work clothes clean and stain free. It also washes my delicates and colors gently, quickly but thoroughly. There are many presets and it's easy to add your own settings as well."

Scouring through the less favourable reviews we noted that multiple customers were unhappy with the lengthy time taken to get laundry completely dry. This small issue to one side it was pretty much praise all-round.

Samsung WF53BB8700AV: Expert reviews

Senior Writer, Mark Brezinksi, from had the following comments to say about the Samsung WF53BB8700AV:

"Samsung adds another winner to its Bespoke line of appliances with the impressive Samsung WF53BB8700AT front-load washing machine.

"While it falls shy of the top spot within the best washers we’ve ever tested, it comes very close. This Samsung washer offers valuable features that you won’t find elsewhere. It looks better aesthetically and outperforms the average washer, scrubbing out more stains despite having shorter cycle times.

"A feature set sanitizes and unwrinkles clothing using steam, operates quietly, and allows you to stack it on top of its paired dryer in a laundry closet to save space. Its massive, 6.1-cubic-foot drum means you’ll need to run wash cycles significantly less often than you would with most other washers. This is an excellent washer covered by a solid warranty."

Should you buy the Samsung WF53BB8700AV?

Samsung WF53BB8700AV

(Image credit: Samsung)

With an RRP of $1,349 and retailer discounting yet to kick in this model does sit towards the top end of washers. Pair this with Samsung's matching dryer, to either stack them, or have them neatly sat side-by-side, and you're going to be easily spending upwards of $2,500.

Whether this is justified comes down to what you're looking for. It does have a very slick and premium look to it that we're sure will finish off a stylish bespoke kitchen beautifully. You'll also be getting the 20 year warranty on the motor for added peace of mind.

Putting the stylish design to one side, the WF53BB8700AV has a formidable roster of features and gleaming reviews online, though for its high asking price we'd expect as much.

Its large capacity drum size of 6.1 cu. ft makes it one of the largest in its class and rivals many top-load design washers which are known for their deeper drum sizes. With 24 cycles and a plethora of smart features, steam capabilities and a SuperSpeed mode the Samsung WF53BB8700AV has pretty much every need imaginable covered.

How does the Samsung WF53BB8700AV compare to competitors?

The Samsung WF42H5000AW was rated our best front loading washing machine though its drum capacity is 30% smaller than the WF53BB8700AV at just 4.2 cu. ft, so would be less suitable for large families and bulky items like comforters. While it has a solid 8 cycles to choose from, this pales in comparison to the 24 cycles boasted by the Samsung washer in this review. It also lacks steam and app functions but is good for those on a budget, coming in at a much more affordable $700.

The Maytag MVW6500MBK was named our 'Best washing machine for households with pets' and while its capacity is smaller than the Samsung at 5.4 cu. ft it has an impressive pet hair removal filter, 12 cycles and is comparable on price at $1,299 (often discounted down to $999). It is however a top loader model so this could be a deal-breaker depending on your space.

We rated the LG WM9500HKA as our 'Best large capacity washing machine' so if you're looking for a front-loading model with a huge capacity (5.8 cu. ft) then this would definitely be one to consider. It has a solid 14 cycles to choose from, still ten short of the Samsung but should provide enough coverage to suit most washing scenarios without being overcomplicated. It also has a steam function and Smart features. But at $2,000 it costs considerably more than the Samsung reviewed here, so you'll have to weigh up whether you're getting that much more for the extra money.

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