Save $800 off a top-rated Bowflex treadmill in Best Buy's running machine sale

Save $800 off a top-rated Bowflex treadmill in Best Buy's running machine sale
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Running and walking are fantastic ways for the majority of us to move our bodies, as both forms of exercise can boost our health and fitness, leading to improved wellbeing. A running machine is a great piece of kit for doing both, and Bowflex is a major player when it comes to the best treadmills for running and walking indoors. Right now there’s $800 off the Bowflex BXT16 at Best Buy, and there are several reasons why this is a treadmill worth serious consideration. 

The BXT16 is a versatile folding treadmill to add to your home gym and will suit those who are new to cardio exercise, as well as seasoned runners and walkers. It has a generous 20x60-inch tread belt, so you can really stretch your legs when power walking, running, and getting in those fat-burning interval training sprints. 

To see how effective your treadmill workout is, also consider getting one of the best fitness trackers for monitoring calories burned, steps taken and distance covered, among other data.

This folding Bowflex Treadmill offers nine built-in workout programs, so you won’t need to worry about using other online fitness services if you want to keep things simple. As well as that generously sized tread belt, the BXT16 is designed with sturdy handrails equipped with integrated controls for increasing or decreasing speed, and for starting and stopping the machine. Those handrails are also where you’ll find hand-grip sensors, via which the Bowflex treadmill monitors your heart rate during exercise. 

Bowflex BXT16 | Was $2,399 | Now $1,599 at Best Buy

Bowflex BXT16 | Was $2,399 | Now $1,599 at Best Buy
This folding treadmill sports a 7.5-inch full-color backlit LCD display so that you can watch the built-in workout programs, while in-console speakers enable you to listen to the fitness instructors. An Explore The World app is your ticket to running world-famous routes… from the comfort of your home. A 15% motorized incline pushes you hard during interval training. Weight capacity is 375lbs.

Love watching TV while working out? Then the Bowflex BTX16 is perfect for you because it has a media shelf to accommodate the best tablets for watching shows and movies as you break a sweat. 

We now know there are proven mental health benefits of walking, while running was one of only three exercises specifically name-checked by a psychologist when talking to us about how to manage anxiety. Nothing beats the mood-boosting effects of walking or running outdoors, getting at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity cardio exercise a week is recommended by the World Health Organization, and hitting the treadmill is a good way to achieve this target. 

If you want to expand your home exercise setup but aren’t sure whether a treadmill is right for you, also take a look at our guides to the best elliptical machines and the best exercise bikes for cardio fitness at home.

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