Preply is an online marketplace where tutors can connect with students. The site started as an online language learning center, so you’ll find many international tutors. While the global connections can be incredibly helpful for developing your language skills, Preply’s payment program and lesson suite aren’t as professional or user-friendly as some of its competitors, like Chegg or TutorMe

The site doesn’t screen its tutors at all. The administrators only verify that the profile has been adequately filled out by the prospective tutor. They also make sure no personal information is available in the profile because they don’t want you connecting tutors outside of their system.

The site uses Skype as its lesson suite, which is helpful when connecting internationally, but its features don’t compare with sites like Chegg or TutorMe that have graphing and document editing functions.

The site manages payments between you and your selected tutor. After you’ve scheduled your first lesson, you’ll need to input your credit card information. The tutor decides on their rate based on their experience and their placement in the filtered search results. The first lesson has a satisfaction guarantee; If the session doesn’t turn out to your liking, the site promises to refund your money.

After the first session, rather than having you pay as you go at a standard rate like on Chegg, you must prepay for several hours at a time to connect with a tutor. Five hours is the smallest purchase package. It’s true that you’re unlikely to see any improvement in your learning without a significant time investment, but we liked the flexibility of other sites’ purchasing options.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you’re paying for the specific hourly rate of the tutor you selected, so the time and credits aren’t easily transferable. Preply’s setup makes sense if you’re willing to spend time finding a qualified tutor on the site that’s a good fit for you.

You can arrange to meet up in person with your tutor, but Preply doesn’t even have the limited safety features of Wyzant’s tutoring site. There isn’t any information about background checks readily available on the site, and it lacks credentialing or proficiency tests to standardize the tutor’s claim to knowledge in a specific subject area.

We found the FAQs section to be helpful in answering some of our basic questions. The Live Chat team was prompt in responding, and while there were some language barriers to our communication –unsurprising on a globally based website – the information provided was accurate and useful.

As a language learning site, Preply has a lot of upsides. For a very low hourly rate, you can practice with a native speaker. But if you’re looking for quick help in other subjects, like math and science, we recommend sites like Chegg, with stricter hiring practices and pay-as-you-go options. If you’re looking for a long-term tutor, you might try MindLaunch, which only uses credentialed teachers. The average rate on these sites tends to be higher, but if you’re going to pay for tutoring help, it’s worth a bit more for accuracy and timeliness.