Pros / Enterprise has a great selection of cargo vans and pickup trucks.

Cons / You can’t use this service for one-way moves.

 Verdict / Enterprise doesn’t charge a mileage fee for most small- and medium-size vehicles, making it a budget-friendly choice for local moves.

Enterprise is one of the biggest car rental companies in the United States, but it also offers truck rental services. You can rent a moving truck rental locally, but only for round-trip rentals, so return your truck to the same location where you picked it up. If you're making a big cross-country move, it's better to go through one of the bigger truck rental companies that offer one-way truck rentals.

Although Enterprise only offers local rental trucks, you have four size options: a 15-foot parcel truck, a 16-foot cab-over truck with a lift gate, or a 24-foot or 26-foot straight truck with lift gates. The lift gates save your back because you don’t have to push heavy furniture up a ramp with a hand truck. However, this also means you cannot tow a trailer or a vehicle with the truck lift gate trucks. You can rent a hand truck and furniture pads from Enterprise, but they don’t rent car carriers or sell boxes.

Enterprise is the best service we reviewed for renting a cargo van or pickup truck. You can choose from three different pickup truck sizes and five cargo van options. The pickup truck and cargo van rentals are a flat daily rate without mileage charges, and you can reserve them on Enterprise’s website. If you want to rent a larger moving truck, call a representative at your local franchise to get a quote. There are more than 300 locations in 39 states and Puerto Rico.

This service charges a few additional fees we didn’t see when we obtained quotes from other companies we reviewed. There’s a vehicle license fee and a fee if you include another driver. Be sure to read all the fine print before you sign a rental agreement with Enterprise, because some policies could exclude you from renting. Drivers must be 21 years or older, and you must pay with a credit or debit card. A deposit is also required when you rent a truck with Enterprise. Budget Truck Rental is our top pick for best value because it offers more coupons than other companies and they'll try to match prices with a competitor.

Enterprise is the best truck rental service we reviewed with small- or medium-size vehicles for a local move. There are daily fees and mileage fees for the large trucks, but no mileage fees for smaller vehicles. The website is easy to navigate and helps you find the closest pickup locations. You can’t reserve large vehicles on the website, but you can book most of the smaller trucks and cargo vans.

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