Pros / It’s very easy to finding an agent.

Cons / The quote process was long and didn't result in an instant quote.

 Verdict / It’s a great idea to consult with an agent before you purchase a policy, and Allstate's agent pages are the best.

With a total asset value of $112.42 billion, Allstate is a medium-size homeowners insurance provider. The average asset value of the companies I reviewed is about $164 billion, but that number is overinflated because MetLife is massive, with assets valued over $719.89 billion. In my evaluation, Allstate emerged as a mostly average company, though its quote process was frustrating. However, the agent pages are very customized and make it easy to find a local expert you feel comfortable working with.

To evaluate homeowners insurance providers, I input information about my parents' home into each insurer’s quote tool. Since I know the home's reconstruction value and other details, I also evaluated how accurate each quote was based on the questions the company asked.

Allstate’s quote process was among the most frustrating. It was comprehensive, asking a similar number of questions as State Farm, but the process was incredibly inefficient. It took twice as long to complete Allstate’s quote form as it did State Farm’s. On average, Allstate’s quote tool asks just six questions per page. And for the first eight pages, it averages between two and three questions per page just to collect your personal information – something most quote tools collect on one page.

Once I reached the end of the quote tool, I wasn't provided a quote. Instead, I was asked to contact an agent with the quote's number. It didn't provide a reconstruction value or indicate what the policy would cover. In addition, while State Farm's quote process spent the bulk of the questions asking about the home’s construction quality and building materials, Allstate’s form asked questions seemingly unrelated to the home such as my driving history and the breed of dog I own.

In J.D. Power's 2017 study of customer satisfaction with homeowners insurance providers, Allstate received a score of 817. This is above average, though not by a lot. It received three circles out of five for price, claims and interaction and four circles for policy offerings and billing. So, Allstate is above average in some regards.

Allstate’s best feature is its agent finder tool. For starters, it is easy to find on each page of the website, so you don't have to search for it. Once you enter your city, it shows a list of all the agents within 20 to 30 miles. Each agent has a personalized page that displays their personality, interests, expertise, years of experiences, languages spoken and community engagement. Allstate provides directions to each agent’s office as well as their contact information and office hours. It's one of the few providers to include user reviews on each agent's page so you can see exactly how they rate. With all this information, it’s easy to find an agent you can relate with and rely on in your area.

For the most part, Allstate is a middling homeowners insurance provider. It's a medium-size company with slightly above average customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, the company’s quote process is long and inefficient and doesn't provide an instant quote. However, if you're interested in talking with an agent, Allstate is a good place to look because its agent pages are the best.

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