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Pros / You receive $190 toward progressive lenses.

Cons / With this company, you can only choose one eye care provider.

 Verdict / Vision Plan of America's VIP Premier plan provides an assortment of eye care benefits at flat rates. It doesn't allow you to choose multiple providers, but it gives you good benefits and lens options.

Vision Plan of America offers plans for families, couples and individuals. This vision insurance plan provider has been in the business since 1986, and it is based in California. The pricing offered through the VIP Premier plan is based on flat rates, and the company allows you to add additional lens options when you purchase frames. Because of this vision service's flexibility and low-rates it is our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award winner, and the VIP Premier plan is a solid choice if you're looking for additional insurance options.

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There is a low monthly premium, and each person on the plan has an annual deductible of $25. This deductible is a convenient offering, since once it is met you will not have to pay additional fees for a complete vision exam and lens exam. To enroll as a new member in a Vision of America plan, there is a one-time enrollment fee.


The benefits offered from this vision care plan are based on flat rates rather than on discount percentages. With the VIP Premier plan offered through this vision insurance plan, you are able to receive $100 per year to cover costs of both contact lenses and new frames. Unfortunately, after the first pair of frames, there is no coverage provided until the next 12-month cycle. So, if you lose a pair or desire a second pair of glasses you are responsible for the full cost. VSP Individual Vision Plans is a vision care company that also offers an allowance for eyeglasses and contacts once a year, but like other insurance companies, it also offers a discount on a second pair of frames or contacts.

For LASIK benefits, this vision service offers access to the Qualsight program. As part of the Qualsight program, Vision Plan of America members will qualify for preferred pricing for LASIK surgery. Average savings for members are between 40 and 55 percent.


Lens option allowances vary with this vision care plan and are based on flat rates instead of percentages. You can use up to $15 for lens tinting and UV lenses. Other lens options include scratch resistant coating for $22 and anti-reflective coating for $42.

If you desire polycarbonate lenses, you can receive an allowance of $45 from this vision insurance to help cover these costs. Polycarbonate lenses are much more durable than standard lenses and less likely to scratch or break. They can also last longer than typical lenses, so having a vision plan that helps pay for these lenses is especially helpful.

Through this vision care plan you can also get progressive lenses, which adjust to multiple ranges of vision. The Vision Plan of America VIP Premier plan gives you a monetary allowance of $190 per year to put toward progressive lenses, this is one of the highest allotments of any vision care plan we reviewed.

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The access to vision care centers works differently with Vision Plan of America than the other eye care plans we reviewed. When you enroll with Vision Plan of America, you choose an eye doctor from the company's small network to be your primary care specialist. After the enrollment process is completed, you will receive a card with the name of the primary doctor you selected and your vision plan information. Even though being limited to one doctor can be inconvenient, when you present this card you do not have to worry about filing out additional paper work or submitting claims.

Another drawback with this VIP Premier plan is that coverage does not begin right away, if you enroll prior to the 20th of the month, coverage will begin the first day of the following month.

Through this service, upgraded plans are available. When you need to reach customer service, calling or emailing the company is easy. When we called, we were quickly connected to a representative who provided direction on where to access certain features on the company website.


Overall, the VIP Premier plan from Vision Plan of America is a good choice for families and individuals who need a vision care plan. The benefits are based on flat rates rather than percentages, and the plan offers some of the best allotments around. You are limited to one eye care provider, but there are benefits to seeing the same provider consistently.

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