Samsung NE58F9710WS oven review

The Samsung NE58F9710WS gives you both an electrically powered, ceramic glass stovetop and a natural-gas-heated oven, and its Flex Duo oven feature sets it apart from other slide-in ranges.

Samsung NE58F9710WS oven review
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The Samsung NE58F9710WS gives you exceptional baking and roasting options with its dual oven features.


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    You can use a dividing device to operate two halves of the oven at different temperatures

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    Useful features

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    Dual oven


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The Samsung NE58F9710WS gives you both an electrically powered, ceramic glass stovetop and a natural-gas-heated oven, and its Flex Duo oven feature sets it apart from other models. 

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Samsung NE58F9710WS oven: What you need to know

The Samsung NE58F9710WS is a slide-in range oven that is classed as a hybrid due to having a gas oven and an electric cooktop. 

This stainless steel range comes with a removable divider that turns your single slide-in oven into a double oven. With the divider inserted, you can cook one item on a higher rack at one temperature and another item on a lower rack at a different temperature, without overcooking or undercooking either dish and with no unpleasant odor distribution.

The Samsung NE58F9710WS oven is sizable, measuring 5.8 cubic feet and making it ideal for family homes or for cooks who love to entertain. It comes with three racks and has seven rack positions, so you can raise or lower racks depending on what you plan to cook.

Samsung NED58F9710WS oven review

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Samsung NE58F9710WS oven: Features

Powered by natural gas, the oven uses convection heating on the top level if you are using the Flex Duo features and both convection and conventional heating on the lower level. Convection distributes heat via a fan that circulates the air for even heating. Conventional ovens radiate heat, typically from the bottom. The radiated heat spreads around the oven by bouncing off its inside surfaces. Samsung’s slide-in range lets you select which style you prefer for a particular recipe.

You also get a child safety lock, a probe to check the interior temperature of foods, and a warming drawer. You can shut off the heating function of the warming drawer to use it as storage space for pots and pans. The oven is equipped with two cleaning functions: heated self-cleaning and a steam-cleaning option. The oven automatically shuts off after 12 hours. If you observe Jewish dietary laws and traditions, you can use the range’s Sabbath mode to program the oven to override the auto-shutoff function so that foods inside the oven stay at safely hot temperatures.

The Samsung NE58F9710WS slide-in range also offers a kitchen timer and an oven window so you can check on the contents without opening the door.

The smooth black cooktop on this slide-in stove offers five heating elements: four for cooking and the fifth to keep items warm. There are two 7-inch-diameter burners, a 6-inch burner, and a 6-inch warming area. One burner consists of expandable rings that you can adjust for 6-, 9- or 12-inch-diameter cooking areas, depending on the size of your pan.

A handy bridge function on the left side of the stovetop lets you program the appliance so the front and back burners on the left, as well as the area between them, heat up, yielding a long, large heated surface where you can place a griddle to make pancakes, bacon and the like.

Should you buy the Samsung NE58F9710WS oven? 

The Samsung NE58F9710WS oven has fantastic features and its dual oven function makes this slide-in range a great option. It isn’t cheap though, so if your budget is smaller, consider a more affordable oven. For alternative affordable options check out our GE JB655YKFS review or our Electrolux E130EF45QS Electric Range review.

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