Veho Smartfix Slide & Negative to SD Card Review

The Veho Smartfix Slide & Negative to SD Card is an easy-to-use and feature-rich slide to digital image converter.

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The Veho Smartfix Slide & Negative to SD Card feels well-made and is easy to use. However, it’s one of the most expensive units in our comparison and has a low resolution output.


  • +

    Its small, lightweight build makes it highly portable and easy to store and maneuver.


  • -

    It lacks format compatibility beyond 35 mm and 110 film.

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The Veho Smartfix Slide & Negative to SD Card is an easy-to-use and feature-rich slide to digital image converter. With a variety of included accessories meant to make converting your memories easier, along with a simple design and interface, you don’t have to struggle to preview, edit and digitize your classic photo collection. However, it is costly and suffers from a lack of format compatibility.

In our tests, we found this slide converter extremely easy to use. The initial setup was a cinch, and the accessories were high quality. Additionally, its interface and image editing software were both easy to navigate. Buttons on the device are clearly labeled and easy to press. The included cleaning brush helps you remove stuck-on dirt and smudges from your old slides and negatives.

One of the downsides of the Smartfix is its lack of film format compatibility. While it can process classic 35 mm film negatives and slides, along with 110 film, it cannot process any other format, unlike the best slide to digital converters we reviewed. Many of the other converters on our lineup can digitize 110 and 126 slides and negatives, Super 8 film and even physical prints. We recommend figuring out what kinds of slide and negative sizes are in your collection when considering this product.

With a resolution output of just 5 megapixels, it lacks the higher resolution potential of the Wolverine Titan and other top-ranked slide to digital units in our comparison. However, the device has basic editing functionality built in to it and even comes with image editing software for your computer for more in-depth polishing once you’ve converted the images. You can easily transfer and upload your newly digitized images to your computer or share them online. Like the ION Film 2 SD Plus, this converter does come with an SD card, and you can opt to use a larger one up to 8GB. Many other units allow for larger SD cards, typically up to 32GB, so consider how many images you want to convert first.

The Smartfix ships with a one-year manufacturer warranty. The company’s technical support reps are available to you via email, and there are other informational resources on its website.

The Veho Smartfix has a small, sleek and portable design, and it comes with all the accessories you need to digitize your classic film collection. However, it’s one of the most expensive unit on our lineup, and its low resolution output, lack of format compatibility and low maximum storage capacity don’t do much to justify its high purchase price.

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