Smeg SMF03CRUS stand mixer review

The Smeg SMF03CRUS stand mixer is sure to create a stylish retro look in any kitchen, but can it deliver when it comes to baking?

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Stylish and with a serious capacity, the Smeg SMF03CRUS stand mixer would certainly make a statement on kitchen countertops. It’s also designed for efficient mixing with its planetary rotation, meaning that no part of your mixture should be left untouched.


  • +

    Large capacity

  • +

    Powerful mixing power with ten variable speeds


  • -

    Takes up a lot of space on countertops

  • -

    Very heavy and hard to store away

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The Smeg SMF03CRUS stand mixer is an elegant appliance that wouldn’t look out of place in a 1950’s kitchen, with the trademark lettering and curves that mark all Smeg creations. It also has a sizable capacity, with a stainless steel bowl that allows for 4.8 liters of volume to be mixed, and includes several accessories that allow keen home bakers to get inventive. 

Alongside its aesthetic value, the Smeg SMF03CRUS has a number of features to make whipping up a dessert that much easier. And like many of the best stand mixers (opens in new tab) we’ve reviewed, many of its parts are also dishwasher safe, meaning you have one less thing to consider when it comes to cleaning up.

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Smeg SMF03CRUS stand mixer: Features  

The Smeg SMF03CRUS stand mixer has a striking design that differs a little from the iconic small appliances of the same kind, such as the KitchenAid Artisan Tilt-Head stand mixer (opens in new tab). Like SMEG refrigerators and toasters (opens in new tab), this stand mixer has a more retro look, with rounded sides and strong metallic accents. It’s available in three simple colors; white, cream, and red; complete with an attention-grabbing glossy finish. It would attract compliments in any kitchen, though the range of colors is somewhat limited, especially considering the whopping 40 colors available from rival brand KitchenAid.

Aside from the way it looks, another starring feature of the Smeg SMF03CRUS stand mixer is that it’s been engineered with planetary rotation to allow for ultra-efficient mixing. In simple terms, the rotating arms of the mixer thoroughly scoop up all elements of the batter from within the bowl, preventing pockets of dry ingredients from being missed out. Ultimately, this should yield the best results possible for users, and prevent an unmixed baking disaster. 

In order to deal with this rigorous motion, as well as to cater to the ten speeds possible, this mixer has a die-cast aluminum body. This is in order to reduce vibrations and allow users to get on with other tasks while the mixer goes to work, without worries of the appliance toppling over. In terms of safety, the mixer has a handy lock for when the tilt-head is in an upright position, and non-slip feet to keep it rooted to the spot. 

When it comes to accessories, the Smeg SMF03CRUS stand mixer is accompanied by a stainless steel wire whisk, an aluminum flat beater, dough hook, and a pouring shield. With these attachments at hand, this mixer will enable a home-baker to get through a range of cooking and baking tasks, from cake batter to pizza dough. 

There are also additional accessories (opens in new tab) available for purchase from Smeg for those keen to turn their mixer into a multi-use appliance, including an ice-cream-making attachment, food grinder, and a pasta roller. The warranty of this model is one year from the date of purchase, which is pretty standard for mixers of this type. 

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Smeg SMF03CRUS stand mixer: Performance and size 

  • Height: 378 mm  
  • Width: 405 mm 

The Smeg SMF03CRUS is a seriously hefty stand mixer, with a weight of 9.180 kg, making it heavy to move around your kitchen countertops. Its weight won’t be too much of an issue if you plan on keeping it in one spot, but if you don’t have enough space for it to become a permanent fixture, you may struggle with storing it away after each use. 

This mixer is equipped with an 800-watt direct-drive motor, which makes it extremely capable when it comes to many baking tasks. In comparison, the fan-favorite KitchenAid Classic Plus (opens in new tab) only has 275 watts; so, if you do require more power, then this Smeg mixer might be the one for you. It has maximum coverage thanks to its planetary rotation and a handy shield to prevent clouds of flour or icing sugar from exploding all over your kitchen too. 

This mixer can deal with a maximum of 12 egg whites at a time, and bind together 2.8 kg of cake batter, or similar mixtures within its bowl. It has a number of dishwasher-safe accessories that are bound to speed up the cleaning process too.

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Smeg SMF03CRUS stand mixer: User reviews 

This stand mixer has a 4.2-star rating on Amazon US gathered from ten user reviews. Only one user left a written review, however, and was somewhat disappointed with her purchase, saying that the blades of her appliance “did not touch the bowl”, which prevented thorough mixing. Though this customer might have received a faulty model, it’s important to keep in mind there is a minimum capacity needed in order for a stand mixer to perform its task, which may have hindered the performance of this particular machine.

Smeg is a brand more widely bought in the UK than the US and customers on the British website AO gave the mixer a 4.9-star rating, gathered from nine user reviews. 

Many of the favorable reviews on AO were happy with both the mixing ability and style potential of their new appliance. One impressed user commented, “I love this. I’ve been making bread and yes, banana loaf! It makes light work of kneading dough, it’s amazing”. Another user added that “Its action is extremely smooth when in use and moving the speed lever is so simple”. 

Should you buy the Smeg SMF03CRUS stand mixer?

The Smeg SMF03CRUS stand mixer performs impressively in a number of ways, from its number of variable mixing speeds to its huge amount of power. It’s also a very sizable appliance, in terms of both weight and height, with a beautiful stylish exterior to top things off. 

So, if you’re looking for a robust mixer that can really make a statement, then the Smeg SMF03CRUS might just be the right fit for you; allowing you to get creative with your bakes and add a touch of retro glamour to your home. 

If you have a smaller kitchen or don’t think you quite need 800 watts of power in your baking pursuits, then you may want to skip this model in favor of something a little more manageable size-wise. Check out our Oster Planetary stand mixer review (opens in new tab) if you do need something a little more compact. 

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