Mobistealth is a good choice if your child uses an older cell phone model since it is one of the few programs that is compatible with iPhones, Android and BlackBerry devices. It also works with all major cell phone carriers. You need to purchase a separate license for each phone you track, but you can monitor them all on one parental control dashboard on the Mobistealth website. From the dashboard, you can view past and real-time tracking data, a log of email and text messages, and a detailed contact list. This mobile phone monitoring software runs in stealth mode, meaning your children can’t see it installed on their phones – this keeps them from tampering with or uninstalling the program.

This cell phone parental control software provides detailed information about your kids’ calls, texts, GPS history and installed apps. It also logs deleted content and keystrokes, which makes it hard for your children to cover up activity. New activity shows up in your reports quickly, so you get information in a timely manner.

This cell phone tracker lets you restrict your child’s internet activity in a variety of ways. You can block certain apps and websites that you deem offensive, and the software notifies you when your child searches the internet using inappropriate keywords or uses them in texts. Mobistealth’s only real drawback is it doesn’t let you limit the amount of time your child can use their device each day. Consider Qustodio if this is a feature you feel you need.

The Mobistealth monitoring app is easy to install – it takes just a few minutes to add it to each child’s cell phone. You then simply log into the Mobistealth website, open the dashboard and view activity gather from the tracked phone. Each category tab shows you correlating activity information such as text messages and installed apps. The software runs invisibly on the target device, so your child likely won’t notice it. The live-viewing function lets you see what your child is currently doing on their phone without much delay.

There are three ways to contact the software manufacturer directly: live chat, phone and email. If you are curious about Mobistealth or want to find answers to questions on your own, you can check out the knowledgebase on the company’s website. The software is compatible with all the major mobile operating systems, including iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

Mobistealth makes it easy to monitor your child’s cell phone, and you don’t have to wade through a complex website to view report data. The program’s extensive device compatibility means it likely works on your child’s current phone, and it tracks a wide variety of activity. The limit and alert options keep you in control of how your kids use their cell phones.

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