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The best option for curved stairlifts

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Stannah is a well-known stairlift brand with years of experience offering high-quality products including unique perch-style seating with its curved stair model.


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    Curved stairlifts

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    Perch-style seating

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    10-year warranty


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    Limited selection

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    No bariatric models

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Stannah has been in business for over 150 years and dedicated to building stairlifts for 40. This is a trusted brand in the industry with some of the best customer service offered. Though you have to purchase a stairlift through one of Stannah’s representatives, these have been thoroughly vetted to ensure you are taken care of both during the purchase and installation process, and for any maintenance and service needs afterward.

We are impressed with the curved stairlift option offered by Stannah because it is designed for comfort and independence for those with limited mobility and difficulty standing from a fully seated position. It offers a smooth and safe ride and includes important safety features.

Stannah stairlifts: What you need to know

  • Perch-style seating available
  • Dual track system
  • Excellent customer service

Stannah has a unique style that includes beautifully designed high back chairs with an option to include a heater for more comfort. Perch-style seating is also an option for most models. These chairs let you sit in a more upright position rather than a full seating position. It makes it easier to get on and off and is especially convenient for those with knee, hip and back problems.

The easy-to-reach control unit on each chair armrest requests only a light touch, as does the wall-mounted remote control for calling and sending the lift up and down the stairs. However, there is no handheld remote control that allows you to call the lift while you are approaching the stairwell.

There is a curved stair option, a narrow staircase model and a stairlift for outdoors. All models have folding chairs, footrests and armrests to make them more compact and out of the way of your stairs when not in use.

Stannah’s stairlifts are so good each comes with a 10-year warranty on the critical components of your stairlift, with free service calls when something needs fixing.

The one stairlift type we didn’t see offered by Stannah is a bariatric model. These lifts are designed to carry more weight, typically beyond 350 pounds. If you need a stairlift that holds more weight we recommend the bariatric lift offered by Harmar that holds up to 600 pounds.

The Stannah’s curved stairlift model, the Sadler, is unique because of its perched seating that keeps you upright and nearly standing, perfect for those with limited mobility or who experience back, hip or knee pain, especially when sitting. The chair swivels when you reach the landing to reduce the risk of slips and falls.

The Sadler offers an array of safety and comfort features. When you fold up the arms of the chair, the footrest automatically folds up as well. The retractable seat belt only requires one hand to pull and secure it, and the stairlift will not operate unless you fasten the belt. Safety sensors at the edges of the carriage and footrest will stop the lift if an obstruction is encountered in the stairwell.

The easy-to-reach controls on the armrest of the chair require only a light touch, as does the remote control for calling and sending the lift up and down the stairs. These controls are mounted on the wall and there isn’t an option for a handheld remote that allows you to call the lift while you are approaching the stairwell.

How much will your Stannah stairlift cost?


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The final cost of a Stannah stairlift is determined by your exact needs, including the length and width of your staircase, upgrades to the track system or seating, and any additional remodeling needs for your home when installing the lift. A Stannah representative will come to your home to get measurements and finalize your order, but Stannah does list price ranges of its stairlift models.

For straight models, you can expect to pay between $2,600 and $5,000. Curved stairlifts are all custom made, so you will pay much more. These start at $8,500 and become more expensive depending on the length of your staircase and any upgrades you order. Installation costs will also be added to the final price of your lift.

What customers have to say about Stannah

It’s hard to find a stairlift manufacturer with a higher approval rating than Stannah. Ninety-six percent of users are whole-heartedly happy with their lift even after several years of use. Even customers that purchase used models are very satisfied with their stairlift. Very few need to use the included warranties and those that do report very quick and friendly service from Stannah’s service technicians.

Stannah: Verdict

Stannah has some of the most stylish and reliable stairlifts available. Each one has the option of a perch-style chair and includes easy to access controls. The driver system is smooth and quiet. Exact pricing is only available after speaking with a dealer, but you can get a general range from the Stannah website. The best curved stairlift is offered by Stannah. Each one is custom made to fit your home’s style and your personal needs and is backed by Stannah’s 10-year warranty.

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