Power Swabs review

Power Swabs is an easy way to whiten your teeth at home in as little as five minutes, and creates a brighter smile in one week.

Power Swabs review
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Power Swabs teeth whitening is a no-mess, simple to use kit that could help you remove stains from the enamel on your teeth, and achieve a brighter, cleaner smile after just one week. There's a lot of packaging and plastic to dispose of, but it does whiten teeth effectively.


  • +

    Simple to use

  • +

    Bleach-free (safe for enamel)

  • +

    Can be used on natural teeth and implants

  • +

    Fast-acting whitening action


  • -

    Lots of packaging to dispose of

  • -

    Applicators can break during treatment

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Power Swabs is one of the most popular home treatments for removing stains from your teeth, and like some of the kits in our guide to the best teeth whiteners you don't have to marshal an army of toothpaste, whitening strips and messy mouth trays. You simply use a whitening swab and wipe your teeth with the Power Swabs whitening detergent. That's it for the basic treatment. 

In our Power Swabs review, we wanted to see if it's really possible to notice results after just one five-minute treatment, as claimed. And how after one week of consistent treatment, our teeth would be six shades whiter than they were before starting with the Power Swabs.

Power Swabs review: Overview

Power Swabs teeth whitening is designed to level dentist-level treatment in the comfort of your own home. Each application takes just five minutes and is painless and mess-free. This will be welcome news to anyone who has juggled messy teeth whitening kits before, and ended up with a mouthful of gel but no difference in the color of their teeth. 

The formula used to remove stains from your stain has also been created to fortify your tooth enamel, helping to protect as well as brighten your smile. Neither the stain removal gel nor the whitening paste contain bleach, which is a main ingredient found in many other whitening kits. Bleach is caustic and can dissolve tooth enamel if used during extended treatments. 

The Power Swabs kits come in either a one week's supply or a three months supply, and should be used directly on your teeth. The kit is safe for use by anyone who has experienced staining or discoloration, but obviously teeth whiteners like this should not be used on infants and children. 

You should also stop using Power Swabs, or any type of teeth whitener, if you have open sores, cavities or ulcers in your mouth, and seek professional dental treatment before continuing with your at-home teeth whitening routine. 

Power Swabs review: the entire family of products photographed

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Power Swabs review: Features

The stain-removing swabs included in this teeth whitening kit require only two minutes each. This is an excellent feature of this product, and it means you don't have to spend all day trying to remove the stains from your teeth. 

Each Power Swab contains a special whitening detergent that removes unwanted stains and improves your smile. As mentioned above, the ingredients are naturally occurring and safe for your enamel. Additionally, Power Swabs works not only to improve the color of your own teeth, but it will also remove stains on crowns and other dental work.

Pre-measured markings on the applicators should help you dispense the correct dosage for your daily treatment. 

Power Swabs review: the teeth whitening kit promises a smile that's six shades whiter in one week

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Power Swabs review: Performance

As we mentioned previously, Power Swabs provide immediate results. After just five minutes your teeth will be two shades whiter, and this was true for us in our review. After just one week of treatment, the makers of Power Swabs says you will have a smile that is six times whiter than before. Very few home teeth whitening products provide this level of results, and we noticed a big difference in the brightness of our smile after a week's use. 

Power Swabs offers a variety of teeth whitening kits. Each kit offers enough product to last for a specific time period. You can choose a Power Swabs kit that lasts seven days or a much larger kit that lasts three months. The kit you choose depends on how much treatment your teeth need to improve in color.

We did, however, experience some issues with the applicators dispensing the correct dosage of whitening formula from time to time. This isn't a deal-breaker, but we feel it's worth flagging up. Also, if you're too rough with the applicators they could break during the treatment, so be gentle. 

Should you buy the Power Swabs?

The Power Swabs teeth whitening at-home treatment is the perfect solution if you need a quick-fix ahead of date night, or if you have a special occasion coming up and you want a noticeably whiter smile. It's ideal for anyone who has little time for a personal care routine, as single treatments only take five minutes.

There's little mess involved, unless an applicator breaks during treatment, but there is waste involved as the applicators and kit box need disposing off after use. 

Power Swabs is a non-invasive and pain free way to whiten your teeth, and the cost isn't too high compared to market-leading teeth whitening kits, though it will mount up if you're using it regularly.

We like how it's bleach-free and safe for enamel, and that it works on natural teeth and dental implants alike. If you want to find a teeth whitening system that works, and is fast and easy to use, Power Swabs is well worth trying.

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