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This great Craftsman garage door opener is just $150 at Sears plus $100 cashback this Black Friday

Craftsman 57915 garage door opener
(Image credit: Sears)

Sears has slashed the price of the Craftsman smart belt drive garage door opener from $269.99 to just $149.99 and is offering $100 cashback in points. That makes it a genuinely brilliant Black Friday deal

This is our pick of the garage door opener deals, however, Sears has discounted a whole host of Craftsman garage door openers ranging from $99 to $299.

If you’ve been looking for a good garage door opener for a while, or need to replace one that’s not working well anymore, then this is a smart and wallet-friendly deal to do just that. 

The Craftsman 57915 garage door opener comes with a tri-frequency system to reduce interference from other electronics that can sometimes cause unpredictable behavior. It also has a 3/4-HP motor that comes with 10-year motor warranty and 3-year parts warranty. 

While the Craftsman comes with Wi-Fi connectivity, and the ability to control it via a smartphone app, don’t expect it to work with your AI-assistant speaker. This is not as smarthome capable as (much) more expensive garage door openers. However, if you’re looking for an able and quiet garage door opener then this is a great option, and at this price a no-brainer. 

You may not be able to control it with your voice, but it does come packed with features. There Timer-to-Close that closes the door after a specified period of time, two remote controls, keypad entry, lights and contact and infrared safety sensor that opens the door fully if it senses an obstruction.  

In our Craftsman 57915 garage door opener review, we scored it a 4 out of 5 stars and praise its powerful motor and quiet belt-driven lift system. It also comes with some great user reviews. 

The icing on the cake is that you also get over $100 in Sears points to spend on other items.

Evan Kypreos

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