Breville Lift and Look BTA630XL review

The Breville Lift and Look toaster is ideal for checking on your toast to prevent it from burning. It also has long slots for larger pieces of bread.

Breville Lift and Look BTA630XL review
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Top Ten Reviews Verdict

The Breville Lift and Look BTA630XL toasts evenly and is great for any sized bread.


  • +

    The slots are extra-long

  • +

    Automatic lift and lower button


  • -

    The surface gets hot to touch

  • -

    Only two slots

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The Breville Lift and Look is one of the top performing toasters that we reviewed. It fared better than average overall in our performance tests. This means that the machine toasted white bread, frozen bread, and bagels evenly and with minimal bar marks.

This toaster is designed to toast long slices of bread. While the average slot length of the toasters we tested was is 6.5, this one has two 9.8-inch long slots. And with a slot width of 1.5 inches, fitting a generous slice of sourdough or artisan bread will not be a problem.

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Breville Lift and Look BTA630XL: Design 

This toaster also comes with an array of convenient features. This unit has an automatic lift that lowers the bread as if it is on an elevator. The automatic lift is also coupled with a Lift and Look feature. This feature lets you check the toast mid-cycle; it automatically pauses the toasting cycle, lifts and lowers the bread for your viewing, then resumes the cycle. The convenience resembles what the Breville Smart Toaster also provides. 

Another great feature is the 'A Bit More' button functionality, which allows you to cook your bread for just a tiny bit longer, without burning it or starting a new timer.

This toaster did have a few major drawbacks though. The Breville Lift and Look gets hot. In fact, in our tests it had the hottest average temperature of 129.3 degrees – more than 10 degrees hotter than the average. Furthermore, this Breville toaster only has two slots. Although they are long, each slot will not fit two slices of standard white bread and is not really suitable for families. Toasting a large quantity of bread will take a while with this machine. The Lift and Look is also only available in this two-slice version, while many other toasters on the lineup are available in a four-slice version, as well. 

What's more, this toaster is only available in white, whereas other models such as the Smeg 2 Slice TSF01PGUSis available in seven colors. Despite this toaster being cheaper than some of the other models we reviewed, alternatives such as the Dash Clear View DVTS501RD offers better value for money. The Breville Lift and Lock model is also lacking a digital display 

Should you buy the Breville Lift and Look BTA630XL?

The Breville Lift and Look has some high-end features and amply sized slots. While it would make a great toaster for a couple who enjoy a wide variety of toast, this machine is not suited for a family. Its hot surface makes it dangerous for children, and the two-slot design is slow at toasting large quantities of bread.

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