Dualit NewGen Toaster review

The Dualit NewGen toaster is a fantastic blend of style and substance that will suit any kitchen.

Dualit NewGen Toaster review
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The Dualit NewGen toaster provides a gorgeous premium aesthetic with excellent functionality, while the ProHeat elements mean it should last you for many years to come.


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    Great looks

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    ProHeat elements for long life and even toasting

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    Extra features like bagel toasting


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    No cool touch sides

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The Dualit Newgen is a fantastic toaster that has style and functionality in equal measures. It’s easily one of the best toasters on the market today, even if it’s not the cheapest option out there. The star of the show is the ProHeat elements, which are designed to be long lasting and close to unbreakable.

It’s quite the looker to, with a huge variety of color options to choose from so you should easily be able to match the Dualit NewGen toaster to your current kitchen decor. The Dualit NewGen toaster comes in two variants - a two slice version for smaller kitchens and a 4 slice option to help feed the whole family. Both versions share the same features, so you don’t have to worry about missing out if you go for the smaller option.

Dualit Newgen Toaster review: Features

First and foremost, a toaster should be able to toast bread evenly and reliably and we’re happy to report that the Dualit NewGen passes this most basic of hurdles (though if a toaster can’t manage this, rest assured you won’t find it on our site).

Aside from being able to call itself a toaster, the Dualit NewGen has a ton of extra features to make your morning breakfast routine more convenient. For starters, you can use the selector control to choose how man elements you want to turn on - one, two, three, or all four. So if you’re just making two slices of toast, you can save energy by only putting two heating elements on.

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You can even use the selector control to tune your toaster for toasting buns or bagels, so that it will toast one side while just warming the other. Alongside this, you get some conveniences like an adjustable rear foot so you can balance the Dualit NewGen on uneven surfaces, and a removable crumb tray for easier cleaning.

The Dualit NewGen toaster has unique features that even the best toasters don't include. The toaster comes with an optional sandwich cage and heating rack. The sandwich cage allows you to toast a full sandwich in a single toasting slot. This is a great way of making delicious grilled cheese and other hot sandwiches quickly and easily. The optional heating rack sits on top of the toaster. On this rack, you can toast oddly shaped pastries, artisan breads and croissants. These are both optional features that you’ll need to purchase separately, but they are unique features for a pop-up toaster.

The shade setting on the Dualit NewGen toaster is a timed dial. Other pop-up toasters generally have a shade setting indicator that corresponds to a certain amount of browning time, but the Dualit NewGen dial serves both as a shade selector and progress indicator. The dial will rotate during the toasting cycle and show you the time the cycle has left until completion.

The Dualit NewGen comes in models with two, three, four or six toasting slots. Many toasters with more than two slots include dual controls that let you toast using two different settings for different slots at the same time. The Dualit NewGen only has a single toasting control, but some models include a slot selection dial. This slot selection control lets you choose which toasting slots to use so you don’t have to use all of them at once. This is a good feature on the larger four- and six-slice toasters, as you won't always have four or six things to toast.

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The Dualit NewGen includes a defrost function that thaws bread before toasting it, and a bagel function that toasts only the cut side of the bagel. These are both standard features on most toasters. The Dualit NewGen also includes a warming function that reheats toast without browning it further. This way you don’t have to stand over the toaster waiting for the exact moment the toast to pops out in order to get hot toast. The manual lever allows you to check on the bread mid toasting cycle, and the dial timer lets you add more time or take time off, depending on how you want your bread browned.

The award-winning ProHeat elements set the Dualit NewGen apart from other toasters. These heating elements provide consistent, even heat to the toasting slots. They are specifically designed to be long lasting, which also increases the life span of the toaster. The ProHeat elements, like all other parts of the Dualit NewGen, are replaceable, so a burnt-out heating element won't be the end of this toaster.The heavy-duty aluminum casing and sleek curving lines blend classic and modern aesthetics. The two slice model comes with 25 color options to choose from, while the four slice option has a still impressive 23 variant colors. This variety helps you to get the perfect design accent that will pop on your counter top. The removable crumb tray is great for quick clean up, and removes the need to turn over the toaster to clean it out.

The Dualit NewGen does lack some design features that similar toasters offer. There is no hideaway cord included on this toaster. This makes for cluttered storage compared to other toasters. There are also no cool-touch sides on this toaster. This means you must be careful using the toaster's functions because you may burn your hands if you accidently touch the toaster's sides when it’s hot.

Dualit NewGen toaster

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The Dualit NewGen has a two-year warranty. The warranty covers manufacturer defects, but it doesn't cover user misuse of the toaster. Dualit provides an email form on its website where you can submit any questions you might have about your toaster. You’ll also find digital copies of the toaster’s user manual online. Dualit’s support page helps you if you need a spare part or new heating element for your toaster.

Should I buy the Dualit NewGen toaster?

The Dualit NewGen toaster is built to last. The award-winning ProHeat elements and beautiful design help to make this toaster a showpiece for any kitchen counter. The optional sandwich cage and heating rack give this pop-up toaster some unique flare. Yet, the lack of cool-touch sides, dual controls and hideaway cord will leave you somewhat wanting. Although it’s missing these few niceties, the Dualit NewGen is a great toaster with a wide variety of design and use options.

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