Magimix Vision 11526 Review

A toaster with see-through walls, the Magimix Vision 11526 means you can have toast exactly how you like it.

Magimix Vision 11526 review
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If you're the type of person who is very particular about your toast, the Magimix Vision - complete with viewing port - is ideal for you. Looking after the Magimix is easy and it'll look good in almost any kitchen, but once the novelty wears off, a few drawbacks might become apparent too.


  • +

    Viewing port to monitor your toast

  • +

    Aesthetically easy on the eye


  • -

    Only toasts two slices at a time

  • -

    Doesn't have cool-touch sides

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Perhaps rather than saying the Magimix Vision is the best toaster, it is better to say that it is unique. Serving up a viewing port so that you can watch your toast - and then pop it - precisely when it is just right for you, the Magimix Vision certainly offers something a little different. The design itself is divisive - some see it as a cool gadget, whereas others may think it's a little tacky. Either way, it's very practical if you're particular about how you have your toast.

Magimix Vision 11526 Review: Features

While the main feature of the Magimix Vision is undoubtedly the window that allows you to reach for the cancel button once you think your toast is done, preset shade settings are included too, so you can use it like a standard toaster if you want to.

However, one feature that the Magimix Vision toaster doesn't include is high-lift, which usually raises bread out of the toasting slot for easier retrieval. With this toaster, you may need to use tongs to retrieve smaller breads, like English muffins. Something normally found on the best toasters, and which the Magimix Vision has too, is a reheat function, which will take cold toast and heat it for thirty seconds without browning it further. This gives you hot bread when you want it.

One frustration might be the single-slot design which does limit the amount of bread you can toast in a single toasting cycle. The toaster can fit two loaf-size slices of bread at once, and it’s wide enough to accommodate a bagel. The long slot does allow you to toast longer artisan breads, as well.

Magimix Vision 11526 Review: Appearance

The stainless steel design of the Magimix Vision complements the modern look of the viewing port. This toaster will add to the aesthetic design of your kitchen and be a conversation piece. The storage elements of this toaster are a bit lacking. It weighs 8.5 pounds, which makes it slightly cumbersome to carry. There is no hideaway cord feature that would let you wrap the cord out of sight when not in use. This means you must wrap the cord around the toaster or have it dangle during storage.

Magimix Vision 11526 review

(Image credit: Magimix)

Magimix Vision 11526 Review: Clearing up and after care

The cleanup features are great. The removable crumb tray let you clean out the toaster without turning it upside down and shaking out the waste. The viewing glass also slides out so you can clean both sides easily. The toaster doesn't include cool-touch sides, so it would be possible to burn yourself if you accidently touch the toaster's side while it’s hot.

The customer support for Magimix is good. It just isn't in English. Magimix is a French company and the support is in French. There is an email form on the website for questions you may have. There’s also a support telephone number for the company’s French customers, although the Magimix Vision does come with a generous three-year warranty. A standard warranty for a toaster is one year.

Should you buy the Magimix Vision 11526?

The Magimix Vision is undoubtedly a unique toaster, with the viewing window great for helping you get the most precise browning on your toast. The absence of some features found on basic electric toasters might frustrate, such as cool-touch sides and high-lift, meaning it is unlikely to be the best toaster for everyone. However, if you are passionate about getting perfect toast, and looking for a conversation piece for your kitchen counter, this is a toaster that you will enjoy.

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