Planar PXL2430MW review

The Planar PXL2430MW does everything fine, but there are better options out there.

Planar PXL2430MW review
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This LCD touchscreen monitor has standard features, but some of the other monitors we reviewed have even better features.


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    Thin bezels


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    Raised bezel around the optical cameras

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There's nothing wrong with the Planar PXL2430MW, in fact we'd go as far as to say it's quite good. It has a 23.5-inch screen and uses optical touch technology with standard contrast ratio and response time. It's all within expected parameters, but when it comes to the best touchscreen monitors, we've seen better on the market.

This Planar device has a 1920 x 1080 resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio, both of which have become standard. The Planar touchscreen monitor has a 5ms response time, an average brightness of 250 candelas per meter squared and 1000:1 contrast ratio. This screen has dark blacks and bright whites.

The optical touchscreen has small cameras in the corners of the monitor that have a view of an infrared grid that spans the screen. The technology identifies where your finger touches the glass using the cameras and the grid. The cameras rest under the bezel frame. Because of this bezel, the Planar PXL2430MW is thicker than it would be if the touch technology were different; however, the Planar touchscreen's depth is thinner than average depth of the products we reviewed. You can use your finger, a gloved hand or a stylus to use the optical technology. Additionally, this LCD touchscreen comes with a built-in stylus.

The Planar PXL2430MW is one of the largest touchscreen monitors on the market, but it only weighs 12.6 pounds. When we compared the weight of the monitor with its screen size, we found that this is one of the lightest monitors.

You can mount the Planar monitor to the wall or use the stand that comes with it. Without the stand, it is 13.7 inches tall, 21.9 inches wide and 2.2 inches thick. The stand adds a couple inches to the height and depth of the unit. The monitor has a small bezel around the edge, but overall, it uses its surface area well by having a large screen and a small border.

You can connect this Planar monitor to your PC using a VGA, DVI, or HDMI cable. Unfortunately, this screen doesn't have any USB ports. With the exception of the USB port that connects the touchscreen to the PC, it's not necessary for the Planar PXL2430MW to have USB ports; however, these ports add convenience.

Should I buy the Planar PXL2430MW?

The Planar PXL2430MW has a crisp 1080p resolution. It also does a good job of displaying true black and bright white. The Planar touchscreen has a bezel, but it's still thinner than many of the monitors we reviewed. Although the Planar PXL2430MW has many great features, some of the touchscreens we reviewed have even better features.

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