Trane central air conditioners review

Trane attempts to keep bills low and quality high with its range of efficient central AC units, but does it really deserve the mantle of America’s Most Trusted HVAC System?

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Trane is a manufacturer that’s serious about quality, with a solid reputation and guarantees that should keep you reassured about your purchase, given that you comply with their rules on servicing your machine.


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    Industry-leading Spine Fin Coil

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    Excellent product range with affordable options


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    Certain models quite noisy

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    Warranty requires complying with manufacturer rules

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Trane was established in 1885, and is a well-regarded heating and cooling manufacturer, with a good reputation for a range of heating, cooling, and air filtering products. From 2015 through to 2021, Trane has been repeatedly honored as ‘America’s Most Trusted HVAC System’, by Lifestory research. 

That makes Trane an appealing choice when shoppers are on the lookout for the best central air conditioners for their homes, with the manufacturer capturing ten percent of the market share; offering a solid balance of affordability and solid warranty cover. 

In this Trane central air conditioners review, we’ll take a closer look at the brand’s range of products, including its leading AC units, the warranties it offers, and what current customers think of their service. For other ways to keep cool this summer check out our guides to the best ductless air conditioners and the best window air conditioners.

Trane air conditioning units review: Price 

To give a rough figure, the prices for Trane air conditioning units range anywhere from $3,600 up to $11,000 (with all installation costs included). There’s plenty of variation within their ranges, including the more affordable XR air conditioners that may only set you back around $3,000 for the unit and installation. 

It’s important to note that these prices are only estimates and that costs may vary from state to state, as well as between different verified Trane dealers. If you're intent on getting the best deal possible, you can look at various dealers to try and work out the most competitive pricing for you. 

If you need a cheaper option, then check out our Goodman central air conditioners review.

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Trane air conditioning units: Installers 

As is usual with AC manufacturers, there’s an emphasis on ensuring a good quality installation from a recognized dealer in your state. And it’s true that paying a little more for a better installation process will serve you well in the future, as any issues with installation can spell an expensive mess to fix in the long run.

If you opt to stick with Trane, which is advisable, you’ll be directed to one of their ‘Comfort Specialists’, with their website listing these dealers by state. These specialists are qualified engineers, according to Trane, and can provide routine maintenance, emergency assistance and excellent customer service. 

Trane air conditioning units review: Range 

The Trane air conditioner range is easy to understand as it’s split into three tiers: the high-end XV range, the affordable XR models, and the two XL units which are tweaks of similar XR models but with extended warranties. So don't expect to find any portable air conditioners here, as Trane doesn't make them.

At the top of Trane’s range is the XV20i TruComfort Variable Speed air conditioner. It boasts a SEER of 22 and a running sound level as low as 55dB, which is quieter than the average sound level of a conversation. Within this model, the two-stage Climatuff Compressor has 750 speed levels, so you’re able to tailor cooling levels perfectly. The XV20i model is also boosted by an enhanced Spine Fin Coil that boosts efficiency. Made with all aluminum, this coil has been produced in order to be more resistant to corrosion than a copper alternative.

Within the higher-end XV range, when it comes to thermostats, the ComfortLink II takes the reins, with a dedicated touch-control screen, smartphone app link, remote home control, and Nexia bridge with zone heat and cooling control. This thermostat is perfect for smart-home enthusiasts, as you can make your home more comfortable for your whole family with the touch of a button, and set the perfect temperature with ease. 

In the next tier of products, we have the XR range from Trane, which features more air conditioners that are more affordable while still retaining an Energy Star certification. Within this range, Trane promotes its XR14 as the most affordable air conditioner pick around. It’s a single-speed, single-compressor model, which uses the signature Trane Spine Fin all-aluminum coil for durability, as well as a Climatuff compressor, has been engineered to be highly efficient. 

All in all, the Trane XR14 offers a SEER of 16, though it falls down when it comes to noise, with a somewhat loud reading of 72dB.  If quietness is essential to you, check out our American Standard central air conditioners review.

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 Trane air conditioning units review: Warranties

It’s essential when investing in central air con that you have a product you know you can rely on. Thankfully, Trane is a manufacturer that's serious about providing an ironclad warranty, as well as ensuring extensive testing of all its components and units has taken place. As we already mentioned, it's also serious about customers having a quality installation service.

When it comes to guarantees, all the units we mentioned come with a minimum 10-year limited warranty on all parts. Adding to this, the XL and XV models  - which come with Weather Guard tops - have an extended 12-year warranty on their compressors. These are pretty solid guarantees, but they are parts-only, which means you’ll still need to pay for shipping, labor and refrigerant. It’s also crucial that you register your unit within 60 days of installation to claim your warranty. 

Importantly, Trane won’t honor the warranty of your unit unless you can prove you’ve used Trane-approved contractors for the installation process and the yearly required servicing of these air conditioners. This does appear to be a gripe threaded throughout user reviews, so ensure you use only approved contractors and keep your paperwork close to hand. 

We’d say all Trane models are reliable, but if an enhanced warranty is high on your checklist, consider the Trane XL range over the affordable XR models. The extra cash you spend gets you an automatic 12-year warranty on the compressor, two more years than with the XR options. 

Trane warranties are first-class if you register and comply with its regulations, but if you’re specifically looking for a lifetime guarantee on the compressor element of your AC, check out our Amana central air conditioners review

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Trane air conditioning units review: User reviews

As far as user reviews are concerned, it’s fair to say that opinions are fairly mixed. According to Cosumer Affairs, Trane has a 3.7 out of 5 stars rating, which leaves a lot of room for improvement. However, there are plenty of positive reviews including: “Never any problem or issues since 2014. Quiet, works well, great contractor.” Another impressed customer added, “I have had my current systems for three years, I am very happy with Trane. The two units I own have been operating flawlessly for the entire time.”

Accompanying these reviews there are also less impressed customers, including one who said: “I got a new Trane AC system and the coil has failed after just 21-months of operation. Now I'm forced to part with $900 for a warrantied repair.” 

As we mentioned previously, this could be due to the fact that Trane will only honor your AC’s warranty if you can prove that any service to your unit has been provided by a certified contractor, but it's worth bearing in mind this isn’t unusual from manufacturer's of this type.

Should you buy a Trane air conditioner? 

Trane has seriously high standards when it comes to its central air conditioning units; from a rigorous testing process to pickiness about who can properly install its products, it’s fair to say that they’ve earned the title of ‘America’s Most Trusted HVAC System’. And they’ve certainly got some strong selling points to sweeten the deal too, including their trademark Spine Fin Coil and Climatuff Compressors. 

There’s a range of products to choose from with Trane, which means that regardless of budget, you should feel confident in your new purchase. The only downside to Trane air conditioning units is that certain customers might not want to commit to the loyalty that Trane demands in order to make the most of its warranties, and certain models can be noisy. 

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