US Mobile review

US Mobile lets you build your own plan to suit your needs and is an enticing offering if you're looking for a prepaid cell phone plan.

US Mobile review
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The US Mobile MVNO uses both T-Mobile and Verizon networks for broad, high-speed coverage. Plans are super flexible with lots of customizable options to make sure you get exactly what you need without paying for waste. This flexibility means great pricing. The phone lineup could be better but since you can bring your own, this isn't a huge issue.


  • +

    Customizable plans

  • +

    Fast speeds

  • +

    Great perks

  • +

    Excellent coverage


  • -

    Poor phone selection

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US Mobile makes it onto our list of the best cell phone providers as a MVNO that is uniquely built. US Mobile uses two networks to offer its service rather than one as most do. That means great coverage but it also has some of the best prepaid cell phone plans out there.

US Mobile uses two networks for great 4G LTE and 5G coverage meaning it works with most smartphones and should get you connected no matter where you are.

Pricing is decent, like the coverage, but this also offers some very smart customization options with lots of perks that can make your money go even further. From picking the amount of calls, texts and data you want to adding on extras like Netflix, Disney Plus and Spotify subscriptions. But more on all that in the US Mobile review proper, below.

If you just want data but don't really use the minutes or texts most networks throw in as standard, you could make a saving here with those smart customization options.

US Mobile: What you need to know

Coverage and speeds are great for both T-Mobile and Verizon and since you can check your area beforehand that can help decide which is best for you.

There are plenty of perks thrown in for new customers including subscriptions to the likes of Disney Plus, Netflix, Pandora, PlayStation Plus and more. Get another line and you get another perk, making this a great option for families that were going to use those subscription services anyway.

US Mobile: Plans

  • Unlimited from $45 per month
  • $10 upgrade to 150Mbps speeds

Once you've picked your network, because you can only have one per SIM, then you can start building your plan. The most simple plan is the unlimited option for $40 per month which gets you unlimited talk, text and data plus subscription perks. All come with 5G speeds where available.

At the most basic you can have minutes at $2 for 75, $3 for 150, $4 for 300, $5 for 500, $6 for 700 for $ for unlimited. 

Add text 50 for $1.50, 100 for $2, 300 for $3, 1,000 for $4, 2,000 for $5 of unlimited for $6. 

As for data you can have 50MB for $1.50, 100MB for $2, 500MB for $5, 2GB for $10, 4GB for $15, 6GB for $20, 15GB for $26, or unlimited everything for $45.

All the custom plans come as standard with Warp speed hotspot and 10GB of international roaming data.

If you go the that $45 all in plan then you'll need to add on hotspot for $5 or Warp speed (up to 2 Gbps) and hotspot for $10. Otherwise standard speed is capped at 5Mbps.

A really nice feature is something called Autopilot AI. This is a system which will monitor what you actually use and then can suggest adjustments to your payments so you only pay for what you need. US Mobile claims that "most users save over $600 on their phone plans by switching to a smarter plan".

US Mobile: Coverage and performance speeds

  • T-Mobile and Verizon network
  • High-speed 5G

US Mobile uses two network carriers to offer both GSM LTE (T-Mobile) at 150 Mbps and Super LTE (Verizon) at 2 Gbps. Which is best for you depends on two things, your phone and your area. It uses both Verizon Wireless - our best overall carrier - and T-Mobile, our second choice. So you're well catered for.

If you're bringing a phone over there is a chance you can have it unlocked to work on the network you need. The other factor is coverage, so it's worth using a coverage checker to see which is the best network option for where you are.

US Mobile review: Perks

  • Over 10 streaming service options
  • Disney+, Netflix, Apple Music, PlayStation Plus and more

If you decide to go for an unlimited plan with more than one line then you are in for lots of treats. 

For two unlimited lines you can pick from one perk from Apple TV, Pandora Plus or Slacker Plus LiveXLive.

For three lines add a second perk on top from Disney+/Hulu/ESPN, Netflix standard, Audible, Spotify Family or Apple Music Family.

Four lines or more and you get a third perk to pick from PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold.

US Mobile: Customer reviews and satisfaction

  • TrustPilot rating of four out of five stars
  • BBB rating of F

Since US Mobile hasn't been around long, relatively, it loses marks on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) hence that F rating. But this is also thanks to three complaints that weren't responded to.

One review, from Luke W, said: "I was lucky and had my unlocked Pixel 4a (5g) work perfectly on their super LTE network after transferring from ****** Fi. However, my fiance didn't have as much ease. We had to wait about a week for her number to get properly transferred after calling customer support multiple times, it was a gigantic headache. If you use the Super LTE network, I don't think you'll have as many issues. But if you use the GSM network, be warned that it might take a lot of trouble. I will admit, once the problem was resolved, the service is great! But I would not recommend this if you're trying to get ease of use across a wide mass of people."

Over on TrustPilot, which collates user review experiences, there's an average rating of four and a half out of five stars which is impressive. Negatives include price raising issues and coverage. Positives are pricing, flexibility and customer service.

One review, from Roland Landry said: "Great customer service. Nobel went way above and beyond to help answer all my concerns and help transfer our numbers from our previous carrier. Thanks again buddy!"

Should you choose US Mobile?

US Mobile is a relatively new MVNO provider which specialises in customization of plans. Coverage is excellent with good range and high-speeds while plans are so varied that there is something for everyone. The idea is to save you money while giving you exactly what you need from the service.

The selection of phone to be bought from US Mobile isn't great but since you can bring phones from elsewhere this isn't much of an issue. Use of smart adaptive AI and excellent customer service help make this a real contender as one of the best MVNO options out there.

If you're undecided on the handset you want, check out our best smartphone guide, while we also rank the best prepaid cell phone plans. Take a look at our cell phone coverage map of the US to find out who has the best network in America.

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