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The LG WM3488HS washer dryer combo is a compact unit that uses LG’s 6Motion technology, which means the drum combines six different motions during a wash cycle.

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This is an expensive option, but it has a lot of great features to justify the price, including outstanding warranty coverage.


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    The washer dryer’s 6Motion technology is designed to get clothes cleaner and provide stability to this machine.


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    It lacks a silencing feature.

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The LG WM3488HS washer dryer combo is a compact unit that uses LG’s 6Motion technology, which means the drum combines six different motions during a wash cycle. This keeps the drum even and helps the machine minimize or eliminate stains. It also limits the amount of water each load uses. This LG has an extensive number of washing cycles, a full range of drying cycles and a bright digital display. The manufacturer offers one of the best warranties of those we reviewed.

This combination washer dryer had one of the largest drums we tested, but is still compact enough to store away in a closet. The LG’s length and width is about 2 square feet, and it’s a little less than three feet tall. The front door to the drum is large with a transparent window, making it easy to load and see the machine working. This LG washer dryer comes with 14 different washer settings depending on the size of the load and type of wash, which is more than sufficient. This washer dryer will effectively clean the amount of clothing you load into it with a sensor that detects how big the load is and adjusts the water level accordingly.

The LG WM3488HS has a variety of washing and drying cycles. For washing, it includes the most common cycles and comes with choices for more specific needs. There is also the option to sanitize a load, which works well for children’s blankets, toys, underwear and other clothes that get more soiled than average. A special whites cycle is not available, though a regular load with bleach should still work fine. There is also a permanent-press cycle for things like shirts and tablecloths to minimize wrinkling.

Many washer dryer combos have one or two dryer settings, but that is not the case with this machine, which has more selection. A damp dry option is good for drying delicate fabrics like a sweater that needs to be ironed. A low temperature setting is a nice option for even more delicate fabrics like satin and silk. There are also normal and high temperature settings for general loads that consist of cotton, denim and other durable fabrics. The variety of drying options is one thing that sets LG washer dryer combos apart from other similar products.
The front display on this washer dryer combo has an easy-to-read timer showing you how soon your load will be done. It’s not as complete as other displays, and other features are displayed with small LED lights instead of dynamic words. The unit uses a mix of controls. A large knob does most of the work, but special cycles are set with buttons along the right side of the machine.

The washer dryer combo offers load sense, which is a special function that adjusts the amount of water the machine uses. When you put a load into the drum, the machine can sense the weight and capacity of the load and change the water level accordingly. It doesn’t have vibration reduction, so it may rattle if you overload it or if it sits on uneven ground. If you prefer a machine with features specifically designed to control for sound and vibration reduction, check out the Midea US-FC70-DS12DSH.

The 6Motion technology on the LG WM3488HS helps to keep the load even in the drum, which can cut down on vibration some. This technology is designed to get clothes cleaner by incorporating several different wash motions during each cycle. When the load is complete, you hear a loud beep, which can’t be silenced. That could become a bummer.

One major advantage this washer dryer combo offers is an extensive warranty. The motor is covered for 10 years, and the wash drum is covered for the life of the machine. The majority of these appliances are only covered for one year.

The LG WM3488HS lacks a few cycles and doesn’t have extra features to limit the noise of a busy machine. The 6Motion technology made it one of our best-reviewed machines at pure cleaning, and its large door makes for an easy loading experience. The warranty is one of the best available. This is a solid machine for your small apartment or condo and a perfect fit if you’re looking for a compact washer dryer with a small footprint.

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