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Sage 50 Premium Review

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PROS / Different versions are available depending on your needs, including cloud-based versions.

CONS / Installing this software is challenging.

 VERDICT / Sage 50 is suitable for small to medium businesses and includes a layout that experienced accountants can navigate confidently. This software has all the modules required to manage your business.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Small Business Accounting Software here.

Sage 50 Premium

Sage 50 Premium is skillfully designed to anticipate the needs of small-business owners, whether it be creating invoices or managing cash flow. It provides everything required for your CPA as well as tools simple enough for non-accountants to learn quickly. Those who take the leap to using a unified accounting solution like Sage 50 experience greater efficiency and more insight into areas that are succeeding and those that could use some adjustment. 

Sage offers three versions of Sage 50. For the purpose of this review, we looked at Sage 50 Premium, which has a few more tools than the introductory version, Sage 50 Pro. It also supports more users than the Pro version. While the Pro version includes basic accounting tools, the Premium version also includes customer management, audit trails, inventory tools, job costing, multiple-company support, automated billing and vendor management. It also adds in advanced accounting tools, such as complex budgeting, archiving, change order processing, serialized inventory and departmentalized financial statements. The Quantum version provides in-depth reporting options and analytics as well as a centralized dashboard, role-based security and automated workflows. As the versions advance, more users are supported.

Sage 50 Premium is specifically designed for small businesses and includes the modules most small businesses need, including accounting, billing, customer and vendor management, payroll processing, banking, and inventory management. This software can do everything from printing pick lists to generating income statement reports. It can generate more than 150 reports and includes the option to filter and track custom data fields.

This accounting software for small businesses produces professional-looking invoices, prints checks and manages direct deposits. It has a powerful inventory manager that can handle a wide range of inventory data, including location, preferred vendor, substitutions and assemblies. The payroll and employee module is comprehensive enough to manage numerous employees. It can manage all employee details, such as emergency contacts, accrued vacation time, commissions and overtime. However, the payroll module requires different subscription levels based on the number of employees.

Accounting & Business Functions

Sage leads the small-business accounting industry. Sage 50 Premium meets all basic accounting needs, including the reports that CPAs require. This small-business accounting software manages customers, vendors, sales, billing, invoicing, payroll and banking. Sage 50 is ideal for small businesses because it includes all accounting modules in one package rather than requiring the separate purchase of each module. However, as with all accounting software, some modules require an additional subscription to obtain full functionality.

Implementation & Startup

Sage 50 provides more than 150 preconfigured reports with customized reporting options and custom data fields. This small-business accounting software can generate reports for your CPA or investors and for illuminating business trends to make better financial decisions. Using this software, you can quickly generate and share income statements, journals, ledgers, gross profit reports, audit trails and transaction reports. For further convenience, you can drill down on most report items to obtain the original entry and additional information.

All fields can be altered using Sage 50 or exported to other software for further editing. You can share reports via email and export them as PDF or Excel files. It is simple to create reports using filters, sort methods and dates. You can adjust columns, change fonts and edit print setups before printing a report.

Help & Business Education

This accounting software includes a payroll and employee module that can manage all types of employees, including hourly, salary or commission-paid employees, and is included with the Premium package. Sage 50 can distribute payroll via a printed check or direct deposit. Sage payroll services can provide 260 federal and state forms, calculate payroll taxes, and deliver W-2s.

Sage 50 manages all payment rates, including special rates and overtime pay. It also tracks time and expense tickets in addition to weekly timesheets. Employee data that this software tracks includes contact information, demographics, emergency contacts, employment status, pay information, withholdings, vacation and sick time, and image and custom fields. Sage 50 Premium includes 12 preconfigured payroll reports, such as tax liability, yearly earnings and compensation reports. If your small company has more than a handful of employees to manage, you will quickly appreciate how effortless Sage 50 makes managing payroll.


Sage 50 Premium is one of the best accounting software for small businesses. This comprehensive system handles more than basic accounting. It provides you with insight, reporting, payroll processing, customer management and inventory control. Sage also offers helpful add-ons such as credit card processing, POS software, documents management and mobile access. Sage grows with your business, with the ability to manage up to 499 employees and an unlimited inventory database. If you are looking for a product to help manage even the tiny details of your business easily, Sage 50 Premium is a suitable choice.

Sage 50 Premium