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When looking at iContact versus Mailchimp, they might seem identical because they both let you send customized marketing materials to your contacts or prospective clients. They save you time in the creation and delivery of marketing material and make educating customers, promoting products and targeting the right marketing group much easier. Millions of users rely on them for their marketing needs, but which service is right for your business?

Use this head-to-head comparison to help you make your own informed decision:




Mailchimp email marketing has more than six million customers who use it to create, send and track email newsletters. You can create signup forms to promote your brand; send subscribers product updates, event invitations or announcements, or use the reporting tool to pinpoint potential areas of improvement in your marketing campaigns. Mailchimp is free for business owners whose list of subscribers has fewer than 2,000 contacts and who send out less than 12,000 emails per month. Those who need more must buy one of its packages. Mailchimp supports integration with various systems, thanks to its range of APIs. It's even supported by Apple systems, and you can also integrate the system with your CRM system. The Expert Exchange Program allows you to find experts to build templates, migrate contact lists and design marketing strategies.


What Mailchimp has that iContact doesn'tWhere Mailchimp Shines: Subscriber Profiles & Automation
  • Powerful API integrates with custom systems and CMS
  • Fully compatible with Apple systems and CRM
  • Connect with experts to assist in tasks through the Expert Exchange Program
  • Provides subscriber profiles to gain insight into your subscribers
  • Lists feature provides a summary of changes in subscriptions, click rate and more
  • Automate triggered emails based on subscribers' website activity





iContact email marketing makes marketing your business on the web easy. It provides templates to make marketing materials and supports templates that you can customize. It has a design interface and supports HTML coding for advanced users. With iContact, you can combine social media efforts with email marketing. Your email readers can easily view coupons, updates and news from your email newsletter. One unique feature the service offers is the ability to create, send and manage custom surveys. This is an effective way to get feedback from customers and knowledge of customer desires. iContact's support program is Premier Service, a unique and on-demand platform that helps customers tailor their email marketing campaigns through advice and assistance with marketing strategy and email design.


What iContact has that Mailchimp doesn'tWhere iContact Shines: Usability & Customization
  • On-demand support, strategy and email design for all customers
  • Strong social media integration
  • A user-friendly what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) editor
  • More than 500 email templates
  • Customizable surveys to help you connect and understand your customers



 Mailchimp vs iContact


Mailchimp or iContact: Which Is Better?

In the email marketing, Mailchimp versus iContact comparisons are common as both are both sophisticated tools. If you have a limited budget, a small business with fewer than 2,000 clients, and some knowledge in email marketing design and campaign, you might find Mailchimp an easy tool to use. If your business is growing fast and you need efficiency and customization in your email marketing campaign, iContact might be a more suitable choice.

While the Mailchimp versus iContact question may have been answered, there are other providers who offer a range of services. Be sure to read Mailchimp and iContact reviews, and see how they compare to alternative email marketing services.

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