Just when you thought you could take a break from web design, you're presented with the task of making a mobile site. Unlike building a traditional webpage, when you make a mobile website you ll be short on space for large images, flashy animations and sidebar menus. Simply put, the rules of traditional web design don t apply here. There are different rules for color schemes, feature sets and other functionality. This is why a mobile website builder can be invaluable in creating a site. MobDis, goMobi and Mofuse are three terrific options that will help you build a mobile website.

Mobile website design is a relatively new craft, and while the technology is constantly changing and so are the trends, there are a few key pointers to remember when launching your mobile website.

Don't just copy your desktop site

Your mobile site does not need to resemble your traditional site. There are some features that will be similar, such as logos and company colors. But there is no need to convert your full site into a mobile version. Instead, focus on the options that mobile users will consider most. Focus on making the address, phone numbers and hours easily accessible and clickable. Find options that will allow users to simply click on the phone number and have the number dialed. Also, having a business map connected to Google maps will make it easier for customers to come to your location. Also, an image gallery that can introduce the store layout, prices or atmosphere can help potential customers know what to expect at your store.

Remember that less really is more

Mobile sites are generally viewed on small screens, usually on phones small enough to fit in a pocket. Don t overwhelm your users and don t assault their senses. Select two or three colors and a small and unobtrusive logo. Try to stick with basic colors and avoid anything too shiny, bright or dark. Keep text to a minimum. While you may be tempted to add all the information you have on your traditional homepage, it s probably not necessary. Another technique is to keep photos on the bottom of pages. If placed on the top, the photo takes control of the entire screen or is too small to view.

Use a mobile website builder

The quickest and easiest way to design a mobile site is to use a mobile website builder. This handy software requires no coding experience and no background in graphic design. Mobile website builders give you tips for keeping your site up to date and operational. Mobile website builders have these and many more tips and trends to help you keep your mobile site up to date and operational. The best mobile site builders will begin with customizable templates with color selections. You ll be able to add on other features such as social media plugins. Some of the more advanced features include Google Analytics and image galleries.
It s essential for businesses to have mobile-friendly websites, and mobile website builders can help you create one with little time and effort. You won t need to know anything about HTML or web design to create a professional and functional mobile site.

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