F-Secure Anti-Virus Review

We don’t recommend F-Secure Anti-Virus because it wasn’t able to stop any internet threats from coming in through our web browsers.


Our Verdict

F-Secure Anti-Virus doesn’t protect you from online malware, but rather checks for threats after they’ve infected your computer. We suggest the higher priced F-Secure SAFE that includes safe browsing to stop malware from infecting your computer in the first place.


  • F-Secure offers several free security tools, like a router check.


  • This antivirus program doesn’t stop online threats from infecting your computer.
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We don’t recommend F-Secure Anti-Virus because it wasn’t able to stop any internet threats from coming in through our web browsers. It doesn’t have any safe browsing features and isn’t easy to set up and use. However, F-Secure does offer another antivirus program that costs more but does an excellent job of protecting you from malware. We can recommend using F-Secure SAFE as a good antivirus software for Windows.

F-Secure Anti-Virus performs a pre-scan to remove infections from your computer before the main program installs. And while it doesn’t stop you from reaching malicious sites or from dangerous files from downloading, it does detect once the threat is on your computer and works to quarantines it. You have access to several free tools from the F-Secure website. These include a system scan to see if there is any malware on your computer and a router check to make sure someone isn’t trying to hijack your internet. However, you don’t have to purchase an F-Secure product to use these. They are free to anyone who needs them.

This antimalware software scans any device that is connected to your computer via USB, including cellphones, and quarantines malware it finds. It also has a personal firewall to monitor your internet connection where hackers and ransomware tend to sneak in. This is the extent of the protection you get with F-Secure Anti-Virus. For advanced security tools, including secure browsing, parental controls and a VPN, you will need to purchase either F-Secure SAFE or TOTAL – both have these features. Or you can look at another basic antivirus program, such as Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, that includes some of these and several other security tools without the added expense of a premium security program.

F-Secure isn’t the most user-friendly program to use. You must change settings from your online portal and not from the program’s dashboard. Each action you want to perform prompts a pop-up message asking if you really want to follow through with it, even if you want to simply click open a file tab. It isn’t easy to find the quarantine folder because it isn’t listed under the Tools lists, but under the Settings listed under the Antivirus tab. That is a lot of clicking to find an important part of the program.

While F-Secure Anti-Virus doesn’t stop your computer from becoming infected, it does a good job of finding malware already embedded on your system. For internet protection that keeps malware from sneaking in through your browser and infecting your computer in the first place, we suggest purchasing F-Secure SAFE, or another basic antivirus program that includes safe browsing.