It s a new year and many of us are making resolutions about what to do differently in 2010. Figures show that Americans spend over $4 billion every year treating back pain. A lot of that pain can be attributed to poor posture and uncomfortable furniture. Instead of paying a chiropractor to battle your chronic back pain, this year make a pledge to be more kind to your back and buy a new chair.

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Pay Attention to Chair Specifications

When shopping for a new office chair, take a close look at the product specifications. Chairs usually have a recommended usage level. If you re going to be sitting in your chair all day, don t choose a chair that is recommended for only one to three hours of daily use. Another common mistake is buying a chair that is the wrong size. An overly wide chair can be just as uncomfortable as an overly narrow one. Your best bet, especially when buying a chair online, is to buy one with adjustable height and adjustable arm rests. The placement of your arms is just as important as the angle of your back in determining overall comfort.

Adjust Chair to Your Comfort Level

There are a lot of so-called ergonomic office chairs out there, but just buying an ergonomic chair doesn t equal better posture or less back pain. When you get your new chair, try adjusting it in different ways to see what is the most comfortable. Ideally, your feet should rest on the floor and your arms should be at a right angle with your desk. Make sure you re not sitting too high up, as a downward angle on the arms can cause hand swelling and discomfort. Likewise, adjusting your chair too low can encourage you to hunch your shoulders. Try to find a position in which your body feels relaxed and your arms rest comfortably on your work surface.

Correct Your Posture to Get the Benefits of Your Chair

Once you ve adjusted your chair to provide optimal comfort, it s still important to pay attention to how you sit. If you don t rest your back against the chair s backrest, then the chair is not providing support. Every time you sit down, take a second to correct your posture, making sure you slide all the way back and sit squarely in your chair. Scoot your chair all the way in so you re not leaning forward. Even a slight twist or lean can cause severe pain if you do it for hours on end. If you find yourself crossing or twisting your legs, consider getting a foot rest to keep your feet in place and encourage proper alignment with the rest of the body.

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