Creative Research Systems, a software company founded in 1982, provides the desktop survey software the Survey System. This company has been providing desktop survey management software for decades. With each edition, the Survey System has worked to improve its offerings by adding new features, including verbatim analysis in the 1980s and drop out analysis in 2005.

The Survey System is a complete survey maker that is best for professional and academic researchers. It has a range of advanced features, making it one of the most complete yet complicated survey producers on the market. With the Survey System, you can create different types of questions, choose templates and add stock questions. You can also customize your survey questions and fully customize the branding on your survey.

Survey Features

You have a few options when it comes to delivering your surveys and gathering responses. With the Survey System, you can deliver surveys online, offline and even over the phone. The computer-assisted telephone interviewing software helps automate the interviewing process. You can import contacts into the Survey System and the survey program presents them to be dialed or dials them automatically.

With this survey software, you can add a variety of different questions. You can add multiple choice questions and an impressive 999 multiple choice answers per question. While most surveys or researchers will never need to add such a substantial amount of answers to any question, it is nice to know you can fully stretch your limits with the Survey System. Other types of questions you can add include numeric questions, grid questions, text-answer questions and web-survey questions, which include sliders for numeric answers and drag-and-drop ranking.

Data Collection

After you have delivered your surveys and gathered all of the responses you desire, you can input your data into the Survey System database. This program is compatible with spreadsheet systems like CSV, Microsoft Excel and SPSS. If you need additional storage, Survey System has partnered with Gillware to provide online data backup. You can purchase additional gigabytes for storing your excess data for a low monthly fee.


Using the Survey System is not a simple process. The software has a learning curve; you cannot just jump right in and start creating surveys. Luckily, this survey management software helps you cover the basics and provides additional instruction on basic surveying, not just on using the software. If you need instruction on using the software, you can schedule a webinar for a fee. If you need more in-depth training, you can arrange for a training consultant to visit your organization.


The Survey System is a great choice for professional or academic researchers who are familiar with creating and conducting surveys on a regular basis. It offers a range of features to help you build and deliver top-notch surveys. While novices may need some time to master its many features, Survey System is a solid choice in desktop survey applications.

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