Search engine optimization is influenced by many things. Keyword optimization, link building and competitor analysis all play important roles in getting your website to the top of the search engine results page, and the top SEO tracking software should help you manage most of these factors. So, what role does social media play in search engine optimization? There are a lot of ways that social media sites affect your page rankings, both directly and indirectly.

Three big ways your social media efforts can influence your search engine optimization projects are by helping with link building, developing a steady reputation for your website and boosting relevancy of your keywords.

Build Your Link Potential
Social sharing on popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can help you build more and better links to your site. Using social media and developing original content for your site is an important part of any SEO program, as shared content drives traffic to your site.

For example, let's say you write an article and then share it on your social media sites. Your audience then retweets and shares it over Facebook. Not only is this building brand awareness in general, but it is building the credibility of your brand with search engines and writers or reporters.

Maybe something in your article catches the eye of an industry reporter or blogger who covers your business area. They then write an article highlighting pieces of your original content and link back to your website as the source.

In just a few simple steps, social media has helped you develop links and increased your brand credibility.

Increase Your Reliability
SEO software packages that include a social media feature can link to your company's Google Plus page, to help you manage the social media aspect of your SEO program. Google Plus is one of the most useful social media tools for continuing to increase your page rankings. When you include the Google author tag on your website and content, your Google author listing will appear in search engines. Not only does this tactic increase the amount of content ranked in a search engine, but it also increases the frequency of search engines crawling your site.

Boost Your Keywords
The keyword suggestions made by your SEO software tools are not just for optimizing pages on your website. When you get these keywords, make sure to use these keywords in your social media profiles as much as possible. After this step, continue to use these keywords in the content you post on your social media profiles.

This strategy is two-fold. It creates more content for search engines to crawl, and as the keywords are being used more regularly, it boosts the relevancy of these keywords overall.

Without question, social media is here to stay and will play a key role in your SEO programs. Learning to use social media profiles to their full potential and choosing an SEO management software that can help you to streamline this process can boost your page rankings and make the process of SEO more enjoyable and effective.

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