Pros / Inventory Source connects you with over 90 suppliers in a variety of industries.

Cons / You're charged for each supplier you work with.

 Verdict / Though it charges you for each supplier and may require more work, Inventory Source still has a wide variety of inventory and back-end options.

Editor's Note: The manufacturer states that Inventory Source now offers the following features: over 100 integrated suppliers and order and inventory automation. We will evaluate, rank and review these changes when we next update the Dropship Services reviews.

Inventory Source is a dropship service that has strong inventory and back-end management features as well as good account support. There are some drawbacks with its fees. Inventory Source may require you to do more work than some other services, but it does put you in direct contact with suppliers.

This dropship company has more than one million products sourced from almost 100 different suppliers. It also has many of the features we like in a dropship service. You can use data feeds to export products to your website or the online marketplace of your choosing. These exports include product descriptions and images. Inventory Source can also construct a website for you if you don't have one.

One of the things we look for in a dropship supplier is whether it aggregates the suppliers it works with. With Inventory Source, it depends on which plan you purchase. The free plan gives you access to the supplier list, and you're responsible for contacting the supplier and working out how orders will be managed.

Inventory Source does not include a complete catalog of all available products on its website, but other plans allow the products of multiple suppliers to be combined into one datafeed. Since you work with different suppliers, shipping speeds vary. If you are interested in forming your own relationships with suppliers, Inventory Source can help you.

Another drawback of Inventory Source is that it charges you for each supplier you use. You pay a set monthly rate for the first supplier and a slightly smaller rate for each one you add after that. Rates vary depending on what you plan on using Inventory Source for. Costs for data feeds are cheaper than having a website built for you. Others costs, such as dropship fees, restocking fees, and shipping and handling costs vary depending on the suppliers you work with.

Inventory Source provides account support through email. You can submit support tickets to help with technical issues. This service also provides guides, video tutorials and other information for those who are new to dropshipping.

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Inventory Source is missing some of the features we look for in dropshippers, such as a catalog listing of its products. It charges you for each supplier you work with and to aggregate the products of those suppliers. It has a variety of suppliers to choose from and good options to help get those products on your selling platform.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Account Support

Customer Support
Dedicated Account Rep
Support Tickets
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Upon request
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Costs and Fees

Membership Fee
$25 - $50 for 1st suppliers, $15 - $30 for each one after the 1st
Restocking Fees
Dropship Fees
Payment Schedule
Shipping and Handling Costs
Free Trial

Inventory and Backend Management

Number of Products
Shopping Site Export
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Non-Members Can View Inventory
Website Building
Low-Inventory Notifications
New-Product Alerts

Shipping Options

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Same Day Shipping
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