BlueSnap is primarily a global payments company, but it also offers its clients affiliate marketing network for digital products, such as software downloads and business services. The company caters to a very specific market, so this services is only a good choice if you're in the software, business services or digital commerce industries.

This affiliate marketing service supports any publishing model, with ad units to cater to mobile and desktop displays, as well as email and paid search campaigns, social channels, forums, video content and blog platforms.

Although BlueSnap is predominantly focused on cost per sale action models, it also allows for some pre-defined action models, including cost per click and free trial sign-ups. Obviously, because the service specializes in digital products, it doesn’t offer site to store models.

Providing you have the skill to make your own ads, BlueSnap can support any ad type. You can keep it simple or record video footage to incorporate into your ads, set RSS feeds, build interactive ads and add Flash elements, widgets, banners and anything else you can think of.

With BlueSnap, merchants have access to real-time tracking and live sales notifications. A range of flexible report options let you monitor performance, perform split-testing and get geospatial reports.

BlueSnap's affiliate program is largely a self-serve operation. You need the tech skills necessary to build your own links, video footage, data feeds, banners, widgets and other tools for your affiliates to use. You can add affiliate services to your standard BlueSnap service package, and the only additional fee is the company’s standard transaction processing charge.

Support is fairly limited, although you can find both email and telephone support. There are some training resources available online, but they are not terribly comprehensive.

BlueSnap offers an affiliate marketing service as an added extra to merchants who use its payment or ecommerce solutions, so it has a fairly narrow market. If you're in the right industry, already purchase services from BlueSnap, and have the skills (or the resources to hire the people with the right skills) to build your own affiliate tools, this is a solid, low-cost option.

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