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Campaigner Review

PROS / This email marketing program offers A/B testing to help you boost your open rate.

CONS / The email-creation tools are older, and the system is slower than most of the programs we tested.

 VERDICT / Although Campaigner's interface and tools are not as comprehensive as those of other email software applications we evaluated, it's still a good system and allows for A/B testing of your email.

Campaigner is a basic email marketing software application with the features most businesses need for creating professional and effective newsletters or online marketing campaigns. It has limited themes, and some of the tools are not as intuitive as those of other email software applications. However, it offers some image-editing tools and the ability to test the effectiveness of different email styles and content via A/B testing.

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Overall, we found the interface attractive and easy to navigate. The dashboard not only has links to the important tasks, but it also lists past campaigns and contact list activity. There's access to help and live chat on the dashboard and task pages. When you click on the help section, the manual appears as a pop-up window. It feels outdated but nonetheless does the job.

  1. This is the success rate of marketing emails sent by each company.
    Percentage (Higher is better)
  2. 4 Campaigner
  3. 91%
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  5. 91%
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Importing an HTML file of a ready-made newsletter is easy. However, the newsletter template themes were limited, and it was not nearly as easy to add premade elements like buttons. However, you can change the layout and the colors. The text editor is a basic WYSIWYG and does not perform the edits within the newsletter itself but on a separate box on the side. We were impressed with the image editor, however, which has some basic enhancement tools. If you want to try out different templates styles, headlines or other aspects of your newsletter to see which is most effective with your customer base, this software offers A/B testing.

List creation, too, is basic. The sign-up forms lack premade templates found with most of the programs we tested; instead, you need to build a form from scratch. We were able to segment lists as well, but we didn't see how you could create a new list from the segment.

We also found this system slower than most. The delays are not long, but it could get frustrating when you have lots of tasks and little time.

One big issue with this email marketing software application we discovered in testing was delivery. While we could type in a send date and time, we could not adjust it for a different time zone, nor could we designate local-area specific times.

Another significant issue is delivery to Gmail. We tested two emails: one, an HTML template, which was professionally made and tested by our marketing department; and two, an email using Campaigner's templates. The Campaigner template did not show up at all in Gmail. This was an issue with a couple of the programs we tested. Our HTML template went to the Gmail promotions folder, but it did not preview. This was the only online marketing software on our lineup whose emails did not allow an automatic preview.


Campaigner is a decent email marketing software application with a good dashboard interface, pop-up help tools and live chat. However, the templates are limited, and the program is slower than most. It also did not interface well with Gmail. Overall, it's a good system worth looking at if your newsletter needs are light.

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