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Act-On's internet marketing service can help your business flourish online. With its email and search-engine marketing tools, this online marketing service can help you reach your customers directly. Act-On also provides helpful reports and analytics, which are an important aspect to any marketing campaign.

Social-media marketing is a vital part of online marketing. Act-On can help your business connect with your customers via three of your social media channels: Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. At the time of this review, these are the only social platforms available through Act-On, so if you post regularly to sites like Google+ or other social sites, you might not find this marketing company as helpful as others.

Act-On's email marketing tools can help you keep customers engaged. You can personalize each email with your customer's name or other information, which can help your customer feel more like a person instead of a number on a list. You can also segment contact list into various interests or categories so customers receive the information most relevant to them.

Automated emails are available as well, including trigger emails, which are sent out once a certain action is performed; such as, for example, your customer clicking on a link in a previous email. Act-On also provides a spam filter, which scans your emails prior to sending it out. This scanning feature helps ensure that your emails reach customers' inboxes, not their spam folders.

Trying to find new customers can seem like a never-ending process. Act-On's web marketing, including its search engine tools, can help this process go more smoothly. With these tools, you can pull keyword reports, audit your website to see where your SEO might improve, and create pay-per-click campaigns. Act-On can also help you with link building.

If you need help designing your website, you can take advantage of Act-On's web design tools. Act-On can help you structure and design your website as well as create inviting landing pages that entice customers to peruse your site and make a purchase.

Act-On offers various reports and analytics to help you see what parts of your marketing campaigns are working well and where improvements are needed. Some of these reports include information on your site traffic and on your competitor's website SEO. With this information, you can see where you stand in the market in relation to your competition. You also have access to social-listening reports, which can help you see how your business is performing on various social channels and how much your customers are engaging with you. Email delivery and interaction reports are also available to help you know which customers are opening your emails and who's clicking on what links inside each newsletter, ad, etc.

Act-On is a solid online marketing company with helpful email and search engine marketing tools. This service also provides helpful web design and reports. It is somewhat limited in its social media integration, though you can still interact with customers on three major social sites using this service.

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