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CallidusCloud Marketing is an internet marketing service with strong tools for email and social-media marketing campaigns. However, it does not offer as many reports as other services, nor does it assist with website design or building landing pages. If these tools are important for your business, you may want to look at the other platforms in our buying guide.

This web marketing service offers powerful email marketing tools. You can send out automatic emails as well as trigger emails, which respond to a triggering event from your customer, such as clicking on a particular link in a previous email. You can also personalize each email you send with the customer's name or other information. Additionally, you can segment contacts into different lists so customers only receive emails relevant to them and their interests.

Another helpful aspect of this email marketing tool is the spam filter, which scans your email prior to distribution. If anything might cause your email to be sent to your customers' spam folder, the CallidusCloud system flags it, so you can change or remove the content. This helps ensure emails are delivered to your contacts' inboxes so that they see your newsletters and ads.

This online marketing company has a comprehensive social-media marketing platform. With this tool, you can manage your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube accounts. This social media aspect is an important part of your marketing campaign, as social platforms are a great way to interact with and engage your customers.

CallidusCloud does not help you create landing pages, nor does it offer assistance in website design. However, it can audit your site to see where you might improve for SEO purposes. This service can also help you perform keyword research so you know what relevant keywords to use to increase your rankings in search results. You can also set up pay-per-click campaigns. CallidusCloud can help you with link building as well.

This service does not offer as many reports as other website marketing services. Unavailable reports include reports of your social media accounts and analysis of your competitors' SEO. However, CallidusCloud Marketing offers reports on your website's traffic as well as the performance of your email campaigns. You can easily see the delivery rates of your emails, plus who is opening your emails and what links are being clicked on by whom.

CallidusCloud Marketing has powerful email marketing tools and especially helpful social marketing tools. However, it doesn't offer reports on your social accounts, and it also doesn't help with any website design or landing pages, which may or may not be a detriment, depending on what you need help with in your marketing plan.

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