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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Compare Quotes

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is built specifically for business to consumer (B2C) marketing. Salesforce offers stellar reports, which is unsurprising due to its well-known reputation for analytics. It also has excellent email marketing and social-media marketing capabilities, though this particular Salesforce solution lacks some of the features the best internet marketing services have.

This internet marketing company allows you to dive deep into email marketing campaigns. With Marketing Cloud, you can segment your contacts into lists depending on your leads' interests, buying habits, or however else you want to segment your customers. 

Segmentation is beneficial. It allows you to send targeted content to your leads, which is more likely to lead them to a purchase. You can also use personalization fields in your emails so you can address your clients by name. Trigger emails are also available. If, for example, your lead clicked on a link in a previous email but didn't purchase an item, you can send a follow-up email about the item they showed interest in previously. This can help you nurture and convert leads into sales.

Salesforce integrates with Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook. This allows you to schedule posts for these social media channels and interact with your customers. Marketing Cloud also works with Oktopost, a third-party social media manager, so you can post updates to and interact across multiple social media channels.

One of the downsides to this web marketing company is that it does not offer search engine optimization marketing or any sort of website audit. However, you could potentially combine Marketing Cloud and Pardot, another Salesforce product, to take advantage of these services. However, this comes at an additional cost, since have to pay for Pardot. Marketing Cloud assists you with website design and with building landing pages. A well-designed website is more likely to lead your customers to a purchase, and a strong landing page is an enticing invitation to have your leads delve deeper into your site.

Marketing Cloud offers strong reports and analytics. With Salesforce, you can find out how much your customers are engaging with your content on social media. You can see how well your website is performing as far as traffic is concerned, and you receive reports from the emails you send out to your contacts. These reports let you know who is opening which emails and whether or not your customers click on any links. Competitor analysis is also available. Salesforce's reports can help you know where you stand in your market as far as things like SEO are concerned.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a strong candidate for an online marketing solution. It offers everything we looked for in email marketing and social media marketing. Its reports and analytics are among the strongest we reviewed, and its platform also helps with web design and building landing pages. However, if you want assistance with SEO marketing, you may wish to look into Salesforce's other marketing service, Pardot, or another application.