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Pros / Moz offers keyword research tools and link management tools that can help you launch a top-notch SEO program.

Cons / Moz limits the number of keywords you can track per campaign.

 Verdict / Moz is great for all users. It has a complete toolkit, a resource center and a Moz community for connecting with others who are managing SEO programs.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about SEO Tools here.

Moz is a top SEO tool provider that uses both basic and advanced research tools to help you in your search engine optimization. Moz offers keyword research tools and a SEO keyword generator; it also offers link analysis that provides detailed information on your inbound links and link quality.

Moz offers a huge selection of research tools. The list of options and features that are available from this SEO toolkit can be difficult for beginners of SEO to understand and may even daunt experienced users. To aid with any confusion and help you make the most of your SEO program, there are tutorials about Moz tools and about search engine optimization tactics in general.

This top SEO toolkit is the gold standard. It brings the best SEO tools under one roof and provides you with the knowledge and resources you'll need to use them and optimize your website.

Keyword Research

Moz's keyword reports are easy to understand and quite thorough. Some keyword tools, such as the keyword suggestion tool, are buried in the site's keywords area, making them a bit of a hassle to access. However, the tools all do a great job helping you pinpoint useful keywords for your site. Based on your analytics, this keyword generator tool will basically tell you which keyword phrases are already sending you traffic that you're not tracking. This can occasionally provide useable insights into keywords you may not have considered.

The keyword-difficulty tool shows you which sites are ranking for terms you want to target, along with a few key metrics such as domain authority, page authority, number of searches on a local and global scale, and a broad match to exact match scale. The tool then averages these together and crunches the numbers in a formula to produce an easy-to-digest keyword difficulty score. The score Moz returns is quite indicative of the relative difficulty of ranking for the keyword, making it a great piece of information to show managers and other stake holders when they ask you to get them to a top position for a very competitive term like "credit cards," for example.

Competitive Analysis

With Moz Pro, you have access to a wealth of keyword research tools and other tools that give you deep insight into exactly what kind of competition you're up against – including the aforementioned keyword-difficulty tool and the competitive analysis in the Mozscape index. There's also competitor campaign tracking features and a browser toolbar that lets you view at-a-glance metrics as you browse your competitors' sites.

Moz has an original feature it calls Fresh Web Explorer. With this, you can tracks every link and mention about your website across the web. This application is also great for seeing where your competitors are being mentioned so that you can build a link-targeting list. You can gauge the terms that are getting the highest number of hits in your industry and use that information to write relevant content.

Reporting & Tracking

Moz offers a suite of reporting tools that allow you to schedule and update reports easily. The reports are fully customizable. We are very impressed with the MozBar, an SEO toolbar that you add to the top of your browser. It provides a summarized view of your SEO campaign and makes it easy to access tracking tools and generate reports without opening your full account dashboard.

In the Pro plan, you can run up to five different campaigns at the same time. Because Moz limits the number of keywords you can track per campaign to 60, that totals 300 keywords you can track over all five campaigns, which can be limiting if you're running campaigns with different themes or that span multiple verticals. Rank tracking is thorough, though, with competitive analysis baked right in; you can see where you rank for your top keywords as well as where your top competitors rank.

Help & Support

The community that Moz has built is one of the most attractive parts of the Moz Pro SEO tool suite. A helpful Q&A section, educational blog posts and the constant release of new features and extra tools make it a fantastic investment for any search engine optimizer.

The Q&A section is unique among products in this vein, making it a great place to seek help on an individual basis. While dedicated Moz representatives won't end up helping you as much as other community members, it's a good way to tap into the collective consciousness of the search community.


Whether you're a beginner or expert SEO user, the Moz Pro toolset is indispensable for your company. From an immense and supportive community to a set of SEO tools that are so well made that competing SEO companies use them, you can't go wrong with a subscription to Moz.

Moz Pro Standard Visit Site