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The Best Social Media Customer Service Software of 2017

Help Customers on a Social Media Platform

The Best Social Media Customer Service Software of 2017
Social Media Customer Service
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Social Media Customer Service Review

Why Choose Social Media Customer Service?

Social media customer service integrates social media platforms with customer service, allowing you to answer customer requests for help and product information without ever picking up the phone. While not all customers prefer social media services to phone support, it's cost-effective for businesses and allows you to integrate additional functions into your existing platforms. Options including the Salesforce Service Cloud, Nimble and Sprout Social allow you to manage your social media for adding customer relations management (CRM) into the platform.

Social Media Customer Service: What to Look For

While social media CRM services include a variety of options, choosing the right management tool for your business means deciding on which services and functions you need. Social media customer service platforms offer a variety of features, including direct social integration and management. With ticket requests, FAQs and searchable databases, social media customer support services allow you to provide a range of offerings for your customers. Considering the following features can help you with choosing the right platform for your business.

Ticket Management
Ticket management allows you or your customers to create help-desk tickets from your social media via an extension or an integrated box. This allows you to track the progress of tickets in order to improve your social media CRM. Because you need a ticket for any problem that cannot be handled immediately, ticketing and ticket management is extremely important for any social media system.

Live Chat
Whether directly on your social platform, integrated from your social platform to your management app or as part of your social media customer service app, you need live chat. While you probably have live chat if you are on Facebook, some management apps allow you to integrate it so that you get notifications and can respond from one platform. This makes social media management simpler and allows you to respond more quickly, no matter where your social media customers are messaging you from.

Social media integration allows you to get notifications, respond and see alerts as soon as they happen. This is important if you want to manage all of your social media customer service from one app, even across multiple platforms. You also want to check which social platforms are compatible with the app based on your specific needs.

Analytics & Insights
Analytics and insights allow you to track who is using your social media, what happens after contact, how quickly questions are responded to and what happens afterward. Analytics tools allow you valuable insights into your CRM, which allows you to improve the service. It also lets you track and improve your existing social platforms.

While social media customer service can include a lot of features, choosing the right ones for your business is essential for selecting the right customer service platform. Social media CRM improves your relationship with customers, allows you to provide cost-effective customer support and spreads your brand values faster than traditional marketing tools.