The internet is one of your most powerful tools when it comes to building name recognition and driving consumers to your business. Whether your company has a brick-and-mortar location, is exclusively online or a combination of both, online marketing is essential to your success. One critical component of internet advertising is effectively harnessing social media to your advantage.

In selecting the 10 best social media marketing services for our buying guide, we chose services that have a proven track record of successfully marketing small businesses. We focused on companies that service a variety of industries, so they can address your needs – no matter what kind of business you have. We've also included articles on social media to further help you promote your business using the internet.

While each social platform has basic tools to help you create an ad and promote your products or services, social media marketing services are specially designed to help you quickly pinpoint your audience, which social media sites they are accessing, critical SEO terms you should be using and the best placement of your marketing materials so you don't waste money through trial and error. In our guide, you'll find the standout services for multimedia creation, competitor analysis and geo-targeting potential customers. Here is what we found:

Best Service for Multimedia Creation

WebiMax offers social media marketing services for the most popular platforms, e.g., Instagram and Facebook. This company offers different levels of service. You can request help with just a few aspects of social media for your small business, or you can hire a service to completely manage and drive your social media channels. WebiMax is the best social media marketing service if you want to add multimedia services, like a professional video, to your marketing campaign. 

WebiMax provides complete video-production services. You present WebiMax with your idea, and the company's marketing experts will then write the script and create a professional video for your company's marketing campaign. Once the video is finished, the WebiMax team promotes it on your social media channels. 

In addition to offering video services, WebiMax helps you create engaging content for your followers, helping you build a loyal customer base.


WebiMax has dedicated account managers who take as much control over your social media marketing strategy as you need. This social media marketing service can help you design your business profile on each social media outlet, develop a specific strategy, create content or manage the everyday upkeep of your online presence.

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Best Service for Competitor Analysis

Keeping an eye on your competition is a good way to pinpoint where your small business fits in within the marketplace. Portent is one of the few services to offer competitor analysis with its business marketing services. When you sign up with Portent, the company performs a complete analysis of your business, its impact in the market and your competitors. 

Portent does not examine the competition so you can copy them. It uses the information to frame goals. For example, if your biggest competitor has 5,000 likes on its Facebook page and you only have 2,000, you know that you need to catch up. Portent uses competitor analysis to search out gaps in the market that your company can capitalize on. For example, if a competitor is offering similar products but is missing a key audience, you have the chance to gain that audience's interest before the competition realizes its mistake. 


Portent has a team dedicated to social media strategy and marketing with experience in branding, reputation monitoring and online content promotion. It is one of the few in our buying guide that offers an analysis of your competition as part of the initial research phase. It will also help you identify your target audience and determine trends in your geographical area to help create an effective campaign. Portent works with companies of all sizes and now has a small business hub, where it focuses on social media marketing for small businesses at cost-effective prices.

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Best Service for Geotargeting Ads

Geotargeting delivers content to customers based on their location. It allows you to drill down to the country, state, even the ZIP code of your target customer to deliver your message. When you sign up with Orange Soda, your account manager conducts a complete audit of your existing online brand, including your website and social media channels. After an initial audit, your account manager will create and manage your social media campaign. Like other social media marketing services, you can give Orange Soda complete control of your campaign or just receive help in specific areas. 

Orange Soda specializes in helping you target customers by location. The company looks for the highest-performing keywords and target audience trends in your immediate area. This helps drive more traffic to your site from potential customers. As part of geotargeting your social media, Orange Soda helps boost the ranking of your website in searches and helps your business appear in Google Maps.


OrangeSoda has a team of experts dedicated to creating and managing social media campaigns. When you become a client, you are assigned an account manager who oversees the entire process of auditing your current website(s) and social media profiles to promoting unique and compelling content for your target market.

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Types of Services

Social media marketing services vary by the tools each offers. Most services take over your existing social media profiles and manage them for you. A few help you create a business social media profile and then manage it for you or hand the reins over to you to maintain.

Some social media marketing services help you develop a marketing strategy based on demographics, SEO and keywords to snag high volumes of searches. Other services use geospecific targeting to raise awareness of your products and services for local customers. 

In addition to crafting an advertising strategy, look for a service that assists you in creating content, whether that is writing educational articles or creating infographics or video. It is also helpful if the service has experience in link building, connecting your social media profiles and company website together, which, in turn, increases your ranking in search engines.

The Importance of Performance Monitoring & Reports

Creating a strategy and managing your campaign is an important part of what a social media marketing service does, but it should also continue to monitor the success of your campaigns and make adjustments as necessary. The best social media marketing services, like those mentioned above, monitor your online reputation, making sure your brand is being viewed favorably and quickly acting on negative comments or reports. Additionally, these services should provide you with data about new followers for each of your social media profiles.

Social media marketing is an important tool for growing your online brand. It takes time, effort and the right marketing company to succeed. Finding the best social media management service for your company can take your business to the next level and help you reach a new audience while retaining your current clientele.

Contributing Reviewer: Whitney Sanchez