The Best-Rite OneBoard interactive whiteboard is an open-architecture electronic whiteboard. It is available in gray and off-white colors and is supplied with or without a wireless kit.

This interactive whiteboard has a 77-inch writing surface covered with porcelain. The porcelain-steel board is sturdier than melamine-covered electronic whiteboards and best suited for classroom use. It weighs 79 pounds, stands at 50 inches and is 1.25 inches thick. The whiteboard uses infrared cell LED touch technology to track movement across its surface and has a high sampling rate of 120 points per second.

It connects to a PC using a USB 2.0 port and is compatible with Windows and Mac computers but not Linux systems. Although it supports up to four people interacting with it simultaneously, the OneBoard does not support the multiuser mode when paired with computers running Mac OS X and above. Unlike the majority of interactive whiteboards available, the Best-Rite OneBoard interactive whiteboard does not come with stylus pens. Rather, you can write and draw on it as well as interact with projected content using your fingers, pens and crayons, as well as dry-erase, semi-permanent, permanent and water-soluble markers.

Compared to the model with a white surface, the one with a gray writing surface has a matte display that reduces glare by 60 percent. However, while you can use a dry cloth or eraser to clean the surface of the white model, the gray electronic whiteboard requires a wet cloth to clean.

The Best-Rite OneBoard interactive whiteboard comes equipped for wireless presentations. However, to enable this feature you need the 3-pound USB wireless kit, which is sold separately. Alternatively, you can get a model of the OneBoard with wireless connectivity built in. Even then, you would still need additional hardware for multimedia presentations because this interactive whiteboard does not have integrated speakers.

The most striking aspect of the Best-Rite OneBoard interactive whiteboard is its open-source architecture. Its software is not only easily extensible but also unlocked. This means that your content is not tied to a particular software platform and can easily be exported wherever you want it. However, the open architecture nature of this smart whiteboard also means that it may not be fully compatible with some peripheral devices and proprietary software used in classrooms. In addition, it is highly unlikely that MooreCo Inc., the parent company of Best-Rite, will be able to resolve every potential issue regarding compatibility with third-party and legacy whiteboard accessories, in addition to the software that you may use with their OneBoard.

The Best-Rite OneBoard interactive whiteboard is an adaptable electronic whiteboard that requires no special pens and works with the hardware you already have. However, for an interactive whiteboard without pen, PC and projector, it is rather expensive and is pretty basic.

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