Label Makers Review

Why Buy Label Makers?

Label makers give you additional information about items at a glance. A proper label lets you quickly look at an item and determine things like unit price and destination details. Label makers save you time too. Their automatic printing features ensure that labels come out evenly, making it easy to print hundreds of labels in a fraction of the time.

Label makers also ensure a uniform look across all items. They allow price tags to match in style from one side of the store to the other, and they make it easy to accurately ship items around the world. Some of the top label makers on the market are the Casio KL-120, LetraTag LT-100H and Zebra LP 2824Plus.

Label Makers: What to Look For

Not all label makers work the same way. Some options excel with inventory pricing, while others perform well for home organization projects. Here are a few of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a label maker:

Desktop or Handheld
Label makers work like traditional printers, only smaller. Their size depends on the labels they print, and many can be carried in the palm of your hand. Desktop label printers tend to work much more quickly than handheld models, and they usually offer higher print quality. Handheld options, alternately, allow for much greater portability. Workers can carry handheld label makers around a shop or warehouse as needed.

Keyboard Styles
Not all keyboards offer the same setup. While you may prefer QWERTY keyboards, set up like standard computer keyboards, you might want a specialty setup that prioritizes industry-specific functions. These options only apply to handheld label makers because desktop models usually come with software that installs on the computer that the label maker hooks up to. Keyboard styles also determine whether you have access to additional fonts and symbols.

Printing Speed
When you work with high volumes of products, you need access to higher-speed printers to ensure productivity. Desktop label makers offer higher print speeds than handheld units, but both varieties come with a range of print speeds. Once you determine the speed of the printer, you can more easily determine project and inventory timelines.

Label Types
When choosing a label maker, you must consider both the size and the style of the label. Smaller labels work well for single word tags, while larger labels let you communicate more information. Specialty label makers also exist specifically for pricing. When you determine which size and style of label you need, you can more effectively choose the best label maker for your home or business.

To find the right label maker for your next project, determine the features that make the biggest impact. You can choose everything from the print size to image quality, so you will always have access to the labels you need.