Bulk Office Supply primarily sells bulk quantities of general office supplies, such as paper, pens and pencils, at deeply discounted prices. The more you purchase, the cheaper the cost per item. Many of the cleaning and sanitation supplies the store sells feature similar bulk discounts. A lot of items have two or more discount options on the website, and you can call the company and request a custom quote to get the best deal if you need to buy significantly more than a product’s minimum bulk quantity.

Many of the general office supplies can’t be purchased individually. Instead, you must purchase the designated minimum number of units or cases. However, most technology products, such as tablets, computers and cameras, are sold individually and don’t have bulk discount options online. Office furniture and furnishings are also generally sold individually, although many pieces can be bought in bulk at a discount.

The website isn’t the most user-friendly. It takes multiple clicks to get to product pages, and you have to go to different pages for different discount options.

Bulk Office Supply accepts credit cards and PayPal, but it also states that it can, at its discretion, refuse a credit card payment and demand a wire transfer instead. Only government agencies and school districts are permitted to use purchase orders. Most orders that meet the minimum dollar amount ship free of charge, and most items are delivered the next business day. Free shipping only includes tailgate delivery, and if you require any more assistance, you have to pay additional fees or arrange for assistance yourself. Even though Bulk Office Supply is an online-only store, if you live near one of its warehouses, you can order online and collect your items in person an hour after completing your order.

You can email or call Bulk Office Supply if you need help, but it doesn’t have a live chat help option. The company does have a basic FAQs page and clear shipping policy information. It doesn’t offer rewards or have loyalty programs or discounts outside of its bulk purchase discounts. Still, there are regular deals, and you may also receive coupons via email.

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